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Transform Your eCommerce Video Marketing With These Cutting-Edge AI Tools

A person holding up a phone with a 10k video on it, showcasing ecommerce or marketing on Shopify.

It’s no secret that videos have become a powerful tool in achieving a better eCommerce marketing strategy. All the world's biggest eCommerce brands use videos to engage people and convert potential customers into actual buyers.

A lot of studies prove how beneficial video marketing is – for example, 73% of people are more likely to purchase a product or service after seeing a video showing the product and illustrating how it works, and 80% of businesses claim they have directly increased sales by integrating videos into their marketing strategy.

However, video-making isn't always a simple task. It takes time, effort, and costs to put together videos that are powerful and influential enough to work as practical marketing tools.

Today, a wide selection of tools can assist in making videos – better and faster. In this article, we will dive into categories of AI-powered editing tools, including AI voice generators, that can help save time and money when creating unique and compelling videos.

AI Text-to-Speech Voiceovers

In videos, text-to-speech is used to create voiceovers that can assist the storyline in many kinds of videos, such as entertaining, educational, or promotional videos. AI software can convert text into synthetically produced speech. Video text-to-speech is often called AI voices, voiceovers, or TTS synonymously. 

AI voices are based on authentic voices but not made from real voices. They are made synthetically with a computer process called deep learning. Sound frequencies mimic authentic human voices, which can be compared to the operation of musical instruments creating sound. 

The AI ‘learns' how to pronounce words in many different languages, and that's why it can pronounce them correctly most times. AI voices can say any word – also words that don't exist. However, the pronunciation might be wrong with uncommon words if the AI is unfamiliar with the term.

There are different kinds of voiceover voices. You can choose between foreign female and male voices and create conversational voiceovers by choosing two or more different voices for other parts of a video.

You can engage your viewers better with AI voiceovers because it's easy to stay tuned and curious when hearing a characteristic AI voice. Just think of how famous TikTok voiceovers have become nowadays. The AI voice is used as a surprised, wondering, or comic feature in TikTok videos, reading out loud people's thoughts or storylines, and it's already one of the most recognized features of TikTok videos.

TTS helps create better attention, comprehension, and memory of videos and thereby boosts overall engagement metrics. When people understand your video well, chances are higher that they want to engage in your content, either by commenting, liking, sharing, or trying out the product or service you are displaying, just like when you understand a class topic well and would like to participate in the discussion. 

Technically, TTS is a quick and cost-effective way to add voiceovers to videos. You won't need special equipment to record your voiceovers, hire a voiceover actor, or retake recordings. You can edit your voiceover anytime and have everything within your computer ready to make a speech. 

Have you ever dreamed of reaching an international audience? Expanding your consumer market? Voiceovers can also be used to create language-specific videos for your global target audiences simply by translating your voiceover into different languages.

Automatic Subtitles 

AI-generated subtitles are another innovative video editing feature that can save you much time typing subtitles. The AI uses speech recognition and neural network algorithms to transcribe speech into text – specifically into subtitles. 

It's always recommended to proofread the subtitles before finishing the editing process because even though automatic subtitles are pretty accurate (up to 98%), they are not perfect. Sometimes, the AI mishears words depending on the sound and speech quality. This is why it's best to avoid directly auto-generated subtitles like, for example, the ones you can add on YouTube. 

Subtitles have been used to support the storyline of movies for ages and still are. They also help those deaf or hard of hearing, and select subtitles can be created for this group of people (SDH subtitles) – subtitles that also include descriptions of other audible sounds, such as footsteps approaching. 

A newer reason subtitles are beneficial is the muting phenomenon; many videos today are being watched publicly on mute or with decreased audio volume. On Facebook, for example, 85% of videos are watched on mute. This is where subtitles and captions can improve video comprehension and create a better foundation for viewers to engage with your content – even when the audio isn't on. 

Subtitles can be added either hardcoded, meaning they are “burned” onto videos and can't be turned off. Or they can be added as closed captions, meaning they are counted as separate subtitle files that can be turned on and off. 

Closed captions can affect ranking positively by containing specific and relevant keywords that search engines can index and use to rank website pages. This process is called SEO (search engine optimization) and is critical to consider in an overall eCommerce business strategy. Growing an eCommerce business is impossible if your website and videos aren't visible in searches. 

Like voiceovers, subtitles can also be translated into different languages using AI translation tools within the editing software. This can help you reach an international audience and open up many new opportunities and a much bigger consumer market. 

AI-powered translation has come a long way since the old-fashioned word-to-word machine translation. The AI-powered translation uses language models with grammar, such as sentence structure and other linguistic characteristics, to translate into the most plausible sentences. However, the accuracy of AI-powered translation is less than for transcribing speech into text due to the complexity of languages and the fact that often one word can have several meanings depending on the context. 

Also, remember subtitling isn't necessarily the same as a transcript. People usually speak faster than what they read, so often, subtitles are shortened a bit to make them easier to read.

An extra little subtitle tip: Define your video expression by playing a bit around with the style of your subtitles – change size, font, color, background, position, and more. 

AI Image Maker

It's easy to upload an image to a video. However, you do not always have the kind of image you want handy, and sometimes it can be complicated to find, create, or shoot it right. However, you can make any image you need with an AI image maker. 

AI image-making is still in the new and uprising phase. We see more and more AI-created images on the internet, and even photo competitions have been won with AI-created ideas, so it's a developing field. 

AI images are created by a text-to-image generator that uses machine learning algorithms called neural networks to process word inputs and generate ideas. The AI has learned the connection between words and images, which is how it can perform this task.

Nowadays, the most common text-to-image model is the diffusion model, where the AI is trained with millions of images. Each image is described with words to teach the AI the relationship between words and pictures. It can also teach other concepts about, for example, colors and what kind of colors fit specific themes or objects. 

First, a low-resolution image is created, and then gradually, details are added to this image, and in the end, you will get a high-resolution image created from scratch. That means it's not a modification of an existing picture – it's a picture made from scratch out of the AI's understanding of words and concepts. You can modify it by adding more descriptive and defining words to it.

With AI image generators, you can create images that look like real photos – as if a professional photographer took them. Create any image you need for specific videos – with humans, objects, and even with fictive content in endless ways – how you imagine it. Like so you don't need to look for a specific picture because, with the help of AI, you can create it yourself and have a lot of control over how the image comes out.

AI Music Maker

Who doesn't like music in videos? An AI music maker can improve the creative process of composing music for your videos. However, AI is used as a complemental rather than a substitutional tool for music creators. There are different kinds of AI music maker software – some can imitate the style of famous composers while others generate new music from scratch with other conceptual factors in “mind.” Integrating AI into music making is still a developing and explorative field, but if you want to try out the newest trends within AI, it's worth taking a step into the music corner too. 

Video Analyzing 

Have you ever wondered how much time video editors spend trying to find specific scenes within video footage or a whole video library? Searching for particular scenes and clips to put together can take days, even weeks depending on the amount of material you need to go through. 

Video analyzing helps you find any scene you need instantly based on categories such as facial expressions, objects, scene types, locations, activities, celebrities, customized people, and words being said. It uses AI to analyze and label every scene of your video, and once it has analyzed it – you can search your videos in a matter of seconds.

Bottom line

AI is here to streamline otherwise tedious video editing processes. You don't have to utilize and apply all of the possible AI features and tools, but look where it can make video editing more accessible and better for you, and remember to do what works for you. With creativity and curiosity in mind, we always look for improved ways to manage tasks within running eCommerce businesses, and we love that you share our passion. 

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