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Tres Colori



Tres Colori is a New York City-based lifestyle jewelry brand specializing in exceptionally hand-crafted and made-to-last pieces. The brand was founded on the idea of providing customers with high-end, personalized pieces that honor sentimental names or moments.

Founded in 2018, the business has grown fast.

Tres Colori has grown from $500k in their first year of operations to over $15m in 2022. How did the business scale revenue by nearly 3,000% in just a few short years? “A lot of it was timing, a lot of it was luck, and a lot of it was situational,” says Ben Sternberg, Chief Strategy Officer.

Another element Ben credits to their rapid growth is the close relationship Tres Colori has with their internal partners.

“Being able to control all aspects of both growth, marketing, production, and customer service is what allowed us to grow tremendously. We put a big focus on customer service. And Route powers that for us.” – Ben Sternberg, Chief Strategy Officer

Route is the gold standard

“I was doing shipping for Tres Colori, and I realized that a lot of the packages were getting lost and we had no good process for how to handle lost packages. We’d reach out to FedEx or USPS, and wait 3 weeks, and by then our customers were upset with us.” Ben knew there was a better way.

As fate would have it, soon after this realization, he was shopping on another merchant’s website when he came across Route. “I saw the Route widget and knew I had found the solution we were looking for.”

Initially, Ben was skeptical. “I asked the sales rep I was working with ‘what’s the catch? But there wasn’t a catch. [Route] saves me so much time on customer service, and costs me essentially nothing.”

The Tres Colori team saw the value of Route immediately.

“Route allows us to turn a customer that would have walked away due to a poor experience into a repeat customer – and it allows us to cut our customer service costs in half.”

Ben Sternberg

Chief Strategy Officer at Tres Colori

A customer service partner they can trust

As Chief Strategy Officer for Tres Colori, Ben understands the strategic importance of providing exceptional customer support. “The two most important parts of our business are our production lines and our customer service.”

In 2022, Tres Colori placed a renewed emphasis on optimizing customer experience. Route became a pillar of this mission. “Route reduces our support tickets significantly – by at least 30% altogether. Not to mention it’s saved us close to $35,000 in lost shipments.”

Not to mention, nearly 80% of Tres Colori customers choose to protect their orders with Route at checkout.

Before Route

  • Paid out of pocket for every lost, damaged, or stolen package – costing them tens of thousands of dollars
  • Handled all claims internally
  • Spent weeks dealing back-and-forth with carriers like UPS and FedEx regarding lots, damaged or stolen packages

After Route

  • Route handles claims from start to finish, saving time and money
  • Customer service reps are able to divert order status questions directly to Route
  • Customers handle claims directly with Route, inspiring confidence and quick turnarounds

“Route helps us make more money, streamlines our customer service, and reduces our headache. It’s our most valuable customer service partner.”

By directing customers with questions about order status or lost, damaged, or stolen packages to Route, the customer service team at Tres Colori is able to devote their time to other issues while guaranteeing an exceptional customer experience.

This originally appeared on Route and is made available here to cast a wider net of discovery.
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