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Troubleshooting Guide For Spotify: Unable To Listen To Songs, Playback Stops, Cannot Pause

Do you need help with Spotify, such as the sound stopping or the music pausing when you try to use other apps?

In short, these troubles may be caused by Spotify not recognizing your device's audio or if you are using Spotify's free plan. 

This article will provide troubleshooting solutions for those experiencing difficulties and finding Spotify less functional than desired.

Spotify Troubleshooting: Causes and Solutions

1. Spotify has changed…it's hard to use -> Download with MusicFab Spotify Converter Software

One common issue with Spotify is that it can be challenging, especially for those using the free version or encountering limitations such as only being able to use shuffle play. To address this, one recommended solution is to use the MusicFab Spotify Converter software to download and save your favorite songs on your computer.

By downloading the MusicFab Spotify Downloader software for Windows or Mac, you can convert music and podcasts to MP3 or AAC format, regardless of whether you have the free or premium version of Spotify. The software even supports a high bitrate of 320kbps, ensuring high-quality sound for those who want to create their playlists.

By downloading your preferred songs or podcasts on your computer, you can continue to enjoy them even if they are removed from Spotify. This solution mainly benefits users of the free version, as it removes limitations such as limited skip counts, shuffle play only, no offline playback, and poorer sound quality. If you encounter issues like music stopping, inability to play certain songs, or interruptions in music playback, trying out MusicFab Spotify Converter would be worth a shot.

So, if you're finding Spotify challenging or experiencing any of the mentioned troubles, try MusicFab Spotify Converter and enhance your Spotify experience.

2. Can't listen to the desired song on Spotify -> Use the browser version of Spotify

In the case of Spotify's free plan, you cannot play a specific song like “This artist's song.” A different theme will play even if you tap the desired song in a playlist.

There are two ways to deal with being unable to listen to the desired song. The first is to upgrade to the paid plan, and the second is to use the browser version of Spotify. The feature of not being able to play a specific song (only shuffle play) only applies to the app version. Therefore, even with the free plan, you can play the desired piece by opening Spotify on your smartphone in a browser like Google or Safari.

3. Can't listen to a song on Spotify -> Check the offline mode

If the desired piece is grayed out, check if it is in offline mode. Offline mode is a feature that allows you only to play music that you have downloaded in the Spotify app. If offline mode is turned on, you can only play downloaded content. If you can't listen to a song, check if offline is turned on in Settings & Privacy > Playback.

4. Spotify music stops in the middle -> Update the Spotify app

When the music stops in the middle, the first thing to consider is that the Spotify app is not updated to the latest version. Spotify app updates are tailored to the OS version of your smartphone, tablet, or computer. If your smartphone is up to date but you're using an old version of the Spotify app, it can cause playback issues. So make sure to update the Spotify app to the latest version!

5. Can't stop Spotify -> Log out of Spotify

Spotify not only delivers music but also has a built-in web player. Many people need to become more familiar with how to turn off this web player and often get stuck with not being able to stop it.

The only way to close the web player is to log out of Spotify. The web player displayed at the bottom will remain until you log out unless you play new content.

6. Can't see my Spotify rankings -> Use Wrapped

How do you view Spotify rankings? If the playlist listing songs you have listened to a lot needs to be displayed, first check if the Spotify app is up to date. Also, rankings will not be created if no activity, such as creating playlists, following artists, or saving albums, has been done.

Additionally, you can check your rankings on Spotify's “Wrapped” page. This Wrapped feature is available for both free and paid plan users.

When you log in, it will show you the number of songs you listened to that year, total listening time, and location that matches your music in a presentation format.

At the end, you will also receive a message video from the most-played artist.

Wrapped may not be in the ranking format, but it is a convenient feature that summarizes your history from various perspectives, so please give it a try.

7. Spotify is difficult to use after updating -> Is there a possibility to revert?

Spotify's features change significantly with each update. For example, in the past, you could preview songs or have the same song twice in a playlist, but these features are no longer available.

Of course, convenient features are continuously added through upgrades, but it is unfortunate when previously convenient features are removed. However, requested features from users may be re-implemented through updates. If you are interested in アマゾンミュージック ダウンロード, please read this article.

8. The “See more” link for a list of songs is not displayed -> Change in the specification since 2022

The “see more” link that allows you to display the list of artists in a playlist is no longer available from 2022. In 2024, the only option is to tap the list icon at the bottom right to check the next song to play.

9. Album tracklist is not displayed -> Change in specification since 2022

The album tracklist has also changed in the 2022 update and no longer shows links. However, if you tap on the album, the included tracks will be listed, so it's not too inconvenient.

You accidentally click on the artwork for a single if the album tracklist needs to be displayed. As shown in the image above, Spotify also says singles within the album tab, so there is a possibility that you have mistakenly selected a single.


This time, we have created a troubleshooting guide for Spotify issues such as not being able to listen to desired songs, being unable to select songs, and being unable to end playback, among others, on smartphones. While Spotify can be used for free, depending on the subscription plan or the country of registration, you may encounter a message saying, “This song cannot be played on your device.”

If you are unable to resolve the issue, it's recommended that you contact Spotify's customer support. You can reach out to them through the official website and even through chat support.

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