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Product Update

The Stable is excited to announce our proprietary adtech, TrueStock, now integrates with Meta. This deepened partnership with Meta will help The Stable’s clients eliminate media waste caused by out-of-stocks.

How TrueStock Eliminates Media Waste for CPG Brands

TrueStock, the first bid optimization engine powered by product inventory, was launched in Q1 of 2022 by The Stable to solve CPG brand’s biggest problem: media waste. We estimate that $104.4 billion ad dollars was wasted in 2022 worldwide based on 2022 digital ad spend and recent studies on media waste conducted by Commerce Signals.

TrueStock ensures ad budget gets spent promoting in-stock products by getting daily in-stock data at the store level through its connection with retailer’s product inventory. TrueStock’s bid optimization engine then uses proprietary logic to ensure bids around store locations are dynamically adjusted daily based on stock levels. When a product goes out-of-stock, the engine automatically lowers media bids until the ad turns off completely around that specific store.

“The impact of TrueStock on media waste is impossible to ignore” said Corben Young, VP of Hyphen Media, The Stable part of Accenture Song. “In 2022, our retail clients recovered between 10% and 30% of their digital media campaign’s budget from being wasted on out-of-stock locations. On top of that, we have seen an average of a 32% increase in overall add-to-cart rate when running TrueStock.”

In 2022, our clients recovered between 10% and 30% of their digital media campaign’s budget from being wasted on out-of-stock locations.

Corben Young, VP of Hyphen Media, The Stable Part of Accenture Song

TrueStock’s Partnership with Meta

Meta is still a key player in digital advertising. In 2022, Meta generated $112.68 billion in ad revenue worldwide, more than Alibaba, Amazon and ByteDance (TikTok) combined

After launching TrueStock for The Trade Desk in 2022, our engineers started working on an integration with Meta right away. Because of its direct connection to Meta’s API, TrueStock works on any ad types or creative supported by the platform.

This partnership between Meta and TrueStock will help The Stable’s clients in more ways than one in 2023.

  • Protect Ad Spend

TrueStock dynamically adjusts ad bids daily, based on stock levels and location, to protect your media budget from going to waste. TrueStock is compatible with any ad types or creative on Meta.

  • Drive Incremental Sales

The money “saved” is automatically reinvested into client’s campaigns to drive additional sales in locations where products are available and by conquesting competitors.

  • Conquest Out-of-Stock Competitors

TrueStock conquests your competitors where they are out-of-stock by dynamically increasing your bids where the competition is unavailable. This intelligent, targeted way to drive category share is far less wasteful than conventional conquesting methods.

  • Deliver Unique Insights

Each TrueStock campaign comes with unique insights measuring media waste prevented, incremental impact, as well as insights into which items had the greatest out-of-stock rates.

Meta is the latest addition to TrueStock’s platform integrations. Other integrations available today include The Trade Desk, Walmart DSP and Programmatic by Roundel (PbR).

Add TrueStock to Your Next Meta Campaign

Compatible with any item or category sold at Walmart, Target or Walgreens, TrueStock is easy to integrate and comes at no additional costs to The Stable’s media clients.


  • Ad Formats: Compatible with all ad types & creative supported on Meta.
  • Inventory Data Integrations: Walmart, Target, Walgreens.
  • Cost: Included in The Stable’s client campaigns.
  • Integration time: Instant, no effort or setup required by brands.

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