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Walmart DSP

The Stable is excited to announce our proprietary adtech, TrueStock, now integrates with Walmart DSP. This new partnership will help The Stable’s clients optimize off-site ads and eliminate media waste caused by out-of-stocks.

Walmart DSP: Opportunities & Limitations

Brands are always eager to leverage the power of retailer audiences and attribution, but not always satisfied with the performance of on-site retailer media capabilities. 

Walmart’s new DSP, created in partnership with The Trade Desk, combines 1st party audiences with the control and scale of off-site programmatic ads. While Walmart brings powerful targeting capabilities to the table with their new DSP, brands still need a way to optimize media spend based on inventory capabilities. 

Failing to optimize for availability can cost brands millions in wasted media

Enter TrueStock, the first bid optimization engine powered by product inventory. After integrating TrueStock with The Trade Desk (programmatic ads) and Meta (social ads), TrueStock can now optimize and eliminate media waste on Walmart DSP campaigns.

Why Use TrueStock on Walmart DSP Campaigns

Best of both worlds: combine 1P audiences + store-level inventory data: TrueStock enables you to connect real Walmart shoppers to in-stock products available near them.

See the sales impact of eliminating media waste: With TrueStock’s proprietary media waste metrics + retailer sales measurement, see how shifting spend away from OOS locations unlocked additional sales.

Conquest out-of-stock competitor items: Combine TrueStock’s item-specific conquesting to drive substitutions and category share, in combination with retailer category conquesting.

Best Use Cases to Combine TrueStock with Walmart DSP

  • Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) with inventory volatility
  • Growing category share in competitive markets
  • Always-on campaigns
  • New product launches & seasonal temporary items

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