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Under Biden Tax Plan, Capital Gains Tax Will Exceed 50% In 11 States

President Biden’s 2025 tax proposal has sparked substantial interest and examination, especially regarding its possible effects on capital gains taxes.

An important element of the proposal is the prediction that affluent individuals in some states may face capital gains tax rates exceeding 50%. This potential hike and current state income taxes and extra fees may significantly alter the tax environment, especially for investors and wealthy individuals. The suggested rise in capital gains taxes, along with current state income taxes and extra levies, might greatly change the tax environment for investors throughout the United States. 

It is crucial to examine further President Biden’s tax plan regarding capital gains taxes and analyze how it could impact tax policy and investment strategies, especially in the 11 states where the total tax burden might go over the 50% limit. If Biden’s budget plan is approved, the corporate income tax will increase to 28 percent as well.

The tax subsidy for cryptocurrency investors is also expected to be removed. Before, these investors could sell their cryptocurrency at a loss and use those losses to offset their tax obligations. They can then purchase the identical cryptocurrency. Nevertheless, that ability would not be allowed anymore in Biden’s updated budget.

Many are puzzled and concerned about the potential impact of the new capital gains budget proposal on the broader market.

Long-Run Economic Effects of President Biden’s FY 2025 Budget

President Biden’s budget for FY 2025, which prioritizes investing in infrastructure and human capital, is set to strengthen GDP growth. Boosted government expenditure in these sectors improves efficiency, encourages economic growth, and nurtures a proficient labor force, propelling sustained GDP growth. Moreover, infrastructure projects that create jobs also boost consumer spending and business investment, thus providing additional support for economic growth paths.

Taxes on cryptocurrency gains

According to President Joe Biden’s tax proposal, there may be a significant rise in the capital gains tax rate for affluent individuals. In 11 states, the overall tax responsibility could surpass 50%. In California, the total capital gains tax rate, including both state and federal taxes, could go up to 56.7%, while New York might experience rates as high as 52.22%. These rises would affect not just traditional investments such as stocks and real estate but also taxes on cryptocurrency gains.

Lowers Drug Prices and Protects Medicare

The budget has measures to safeguard and enhance Medicare, an essential healthcare program for millions of Americans, especially senior citizens and people with disabilities. This involves steps to better healthcare service availability, improve Medicare perks, and guarantee the program’s future viability.

President Biden’s budget aims to decrease the cost of prescription drugs for Americans as a primary goal. The suggestion involves multiple strategies to accomplish this goal, including enabling Medicare to bargain drug costs with pharmaceutical firms, limiting maximum expenses for Medicare recipients, and encouraging the utilization of generic medications to enhance affordability and availability.

Reducing poverty through narrowing income gaps

Biden’s tax cuts reduced child poverty by half in 2021 and are currently helping millions of individuals save around $800 yearly on health insurance costs. The budget has measures to help decrease income inequality and poverty by increasing the availability of affordable healthcare, childcare, and housing support. Supporting low- and middle-income households could result in increased economic stability and social unity in the future.

Navigating the Tax Landscape as an Ecommerce Entrepreneur

As an ecommerce founder or marketer, it’s crucial to stay informed about the evolving tax landscape and its potential impact on your business. Under the proposed Biden tax plan, capital gains taxes are set to rise significantly, particularly in states like California, New York, and New Jersey. This means that entrepreneurs who have built successful online businesses may face higher tax burdens when they decide to sell their companies or cash out their equity. To mitigate the impact of these tax changes, ecommerce founders should work closely with their financial advisors and tax professionals to explore strategies such as structuring their businesses in tax-friendly states, taking advantage of tax deferrals, or considering alternative exit strategies. By proactively planning for these tax changes, ecommerce entrepreneurs can protect their hard-earned wealth and ensure the long-term success of their ventures in an increasingly complex tax environment.


The tax proposal by President Biden could lead to a significant change in how capital gains are taxed, especially for wealthy individuals residing in specific states. While it is intended to tackle income inequality and support government projects, the suggested rise in capital gains tax rates may result in significant impacts. This could influence choices about investing, the economy’s expansion, and how wealth is spread, potentially causing changes in market attitudes and investor feelings. 

Nevertheless, it is still unclear the complete impact of these effects, and multiple factors, such as approval from lawmakers and economic circumstances will influence the adoption of the tax plan. Navigating through these intricacies requires policymakers to strike a balance between revenue generation, fairness, and economic growth to create a tax system that is both sustainable and fair for everyone involved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which states are expected to see capital gains tax rates above 50%?

Although exact estimates may differ, it is reported that around 11 states, such as California, New York, and New Jersey, might have total capital gains tax rates above 50% for wealthy individuals under President Biden’s tax proposal.

What economic consequences could arise from increased capital gains tax rates?

Increased rates of capital gains taxes could affect the growth of the economy, as well as motivation for entrepreneurship and investment. Critics claim that it may deter investment and risk-taking, whereas supporters argue that it could enhance tax fairness and increase government program revenue.

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