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Understanding eCommerce Entrepreneurship: Patience and its Role in Success


In business, there are tales of so-called “overnight success” that often motivate others to make career jumps in an effort to replicate this mythical “risk and reward” fable. Movies, books, and televisions shows depict normal people with great ideas catching big breaks for their innovations, however this kind of success is generally inapplicable to real-life business.


When an individual appears to achieve overnight success, it’s usually the result of many months or years of unseen effort, giving the individual an illusion of immediate reward.


This is very commonly seen in tech fields and startup companies, which are often working on an idea for years before it sees widespread attention and success. Ideas such as Apple’s iPhone don’t happen overnight, we are simply blind to the effort that goes into them before they see success.


Most of the world’s successful businesses are the result of hard work and patience. If you’re under the impression that you can quit your job today and make money from an idea tomorrow, you are buying into the myth of “overnight success.” There is no problem in striving for greatness, however you should first understand what this will mean for you. Starting a business is not a way to get rich quickly, and it certainly won’t replace the income from your day job right away.


Entrepreneurship is a marathon, not a sprint, and it will take you many months (if not years) of hard work to begin seeing fruits of your labor.


This isn’t intended to discourage anyone from pursuing entrepreneurship, but rather to shift the focus of entrepreneurs with dreams of overnight success. If you’re feeling motivated by the success of technology wizards like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, remember that despite their unimaginable success, they both began with a simple idea and passion for helping others. Their ideas didn’t materialize in days or months, but rather years, and are still being improved upon to this day.


If you’re truly looking to be successful in business, the best way you can guarantee that success is by starting small. Remember that creating something small is better than creating nothing at all, and small achievements are better than big dreams. In your imagination, you may be the CEO of this decade’s biggest tech giant, however this visualization means nothing if you aren’t taking the steps to achieve it. Unless you’re a millionaire with a team of experts, you’ll need to start achieving your goals from within your means.


Starting small gives you the opportunity to grow, as long as you are consistently improving wherever you can.


While you are developing the very basics of your company, start making changes in your personal life to help prepare you for entrepreneurship. It’s easy to entertain ideas of boosted motivation and focus if you quit your job to work on your business, but in reality there are a number of habits you can begin implementing into your daily life that will help you prepare for life as an entrepreneur.


Start by waking up early each day, and writing a list of tasks you’d like to complete before you go to bed at the end of the day. Then achieve these tasks, each and every day. By establishing productive habits, you’ll begin growing as an entrepreneur before you’ve ever launched your eCommerce store.

Did you quit your job to start a business?  Do you have an “overnight success” story you’d like to share with the community? What are some important habits all entrepreneurs should practice?  Let us know in the comments below!

Success in Business: Life Lessons for Entrepreneurs

Success in Business: Life Lessons for Entrepreneurs

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