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Unleashing The Potential Of Phone Number Geolocation Tools

Have you ever wanted to check the whereabouts of your cherished soul? You may want to find out about a safe and quick solution to find a misplaced or stolen cellular companion in moments of crisis.

Thanks to GPS smartphone trackers, you can easily detect your target's cell phone location, even if being on another continent. 

Amidst a sea of apps and digital tools available online, how will you choose the most accurate one to track phone location by number for free? What is the safest way to do it legitimately while respecting other people's privacy? Or, what is the safest way to track cell phone numbers without disclosing your personal information? Keep reading this article to get all the answers.

Our Pick of the Best Phone Number Trackers

  1. GEOfinder.mobi – Best Anonymous Web-Based Phone Number Tracker with 1-Day Trial
  2. uMobix – Great Spyware for Hidden Location Tracking with Advanced Features Involved
  3. LocationTracker.mobi – Online Tool That Guarantees 100% Privacy in Number Tracking
  4. Find My iPhone/Find My Device – Buil-In Application for Free iPhone/Android Location Monitoring
  5. Google Maps – Global Free GPS Location Tracker Supporting All Devices

Best Geolocation Trackers Review

1. GEOfinder.mobi

GEOfinder is advertised as a web-based phone number tracker free tool that “lets you locate any person on a map within minutes”. It's an easy-to-use location-monitoring assistant that lets you quickly locate any cell phone number regardless of the target's model, operating system, carrier, or network.



  • Involves GPS and WiFi tracking features 
  • Can detect a person's location by their IP 
  • Reveals accurate location data even if the person uses a VPN service
  • Allows sending one geolocation request with a 5-minute interval


  • Requires only a phone number for location tracking
  • Does not require technical skills
  • Online access without installation 
  • Supports all devices, cell phone carriers, and networks
  • Works completely anonymously
  • Ability to track phone number location free

How to use GEOfinder?

  1. Go to geofinder.mobi. 
  2. Enter the target's cell phone number in the search box. 
  3. Create an account. 
  4. Pay for a subscription plan or write to customer support asking for a $1 trial app version. 
  5. Choose a text message from those generated by the system (if desired, you can write a customized one). 
  6. Send an SMS text message to the user. 
  7. Wait till the recipient gets the URL and clicks on it. 
  8. Get their location details.

2) uMobix

uMobix is an excellent spyware designed to track real-time kids' activity. Compatible with Android and iOS-operated cell phones and tablets, uMobix offers quick access to users' data, including their real-time location details and location history. Once installed on the target device, you will get access to their call history, access to photo/video gallery, browser history, contact book, text messages shared via SMS/MMs, social media and IM apps, keylogging, audio/video streaming, ability to control the device remotely, restrict incoming/outgoing calls and text messages, block device, and much more.


  • Over 40 advanced cell tracking features
  • Data reports are automatically updated every 5 minutes
  • Requires installation on the target device
  • Compatibility with iOS and Android
  • Complete anonymity


  • The demo app version is available on the official website
  • A 2-day trial app version for $1
  • Full-time live chat support
  • Easy and fast installation

3. LocationTracker.mobi

Are you aiming to keep tabs on a colleague, a potentially unfaithful partner, or perhaps aging parents? Look no further than LocationTracker to help you achieve your goal. This online-operated geolocation tool tracks cell phones by number in any corner of the globe. The genius behind LocationTracker lies in its seamless operation: send a discreet message containing a unique URL via any messaging platform to your target. Craft a convincing message to entice them to click on the link. Once the recipient clicks the link, their accurate location data will be shared with you. 


  • Ability to locate a person by their IP or WiFi
  • Reveals exact location data even if the target user uses a VPN to disguise their IP address
  • Gives information about the target's phone carrier, model, and mobile operating system


  • Works in stealth mode
  • Supports all cell phone models, OS, and carriers
  • Legal to use
  • No need to install
  • Works globally

4. Find My iPhone/Find My Device

Find My iPhone and Find My Device are excellent built-in tools for tracking a phone number on the map. Both apps allow for location sharing, although not anonymously. Moreover, both platforms empower users to remotely lock or erase their devices, protecting sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. 

5. Google Maps

Google Maps is more than finding a route or the quickest way to the necessary location. It is also a great app that can help us track any user's whereabouts in our contact list. Although the tool supports all OS, it can be used with the explicit consent of all parties involved.

If you wish to share your location with someone, you should open the Google Maps app, log into your Google account, and choose the “Share Location” feature. This feature allows you to share your real-time location with specific people for a specified period (from 15 minutes to unlimited time—until you turn this option off). Similarly, if someone shares their location with you, you can see their exact location on a map.


Here are some simple ways to track someone's location using their phone number. You can install an app on the target phone or utilize web-based trackers. If you monitor your kid's whereabouts, Google Maps or the Find My/Find My Device option would be enough. But if you are focused on discreet monitoring, opt for GEOfinder.mobi or LocationTracker.mobi, which will give you accurate GPS coordinates.

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