Unlocking The Future of Sales: 10 Trends For 2023

Do you feel that 2023 has kicked off with a bang, and you need to give direction to your sales strategy to achieve the expected results this year?

You are not alone.

The recent change in commercial dynamics and technological advances in digital contexts has generated new sales trends, and it is in the interest of more than one business to catch up with them.

Now is the ideal time to review and update your action plan. If you don't have one yet, there's still time to formulate it, and you're in luck because the trends below will help your creativity and assertiveness in the process.

Format and sales channel trends in 2023

We start this segment by stating that digital formats are the law in 2023. Let's break this down:

  1. TikTok presence

Without a doubt, TikTok is the social network of the moment. Audiences, especially young audiences, have received its dynamic, fun, and versatile format. So if you do not yet have an account on this social network, evaluating its opening and content plan is worthwhile.

What should you take into account to open your TikTok? The same as for any other channel: are your prospects there? Are you able to generate valuable content there? Can your product or brand be adapted, among other strategic issues?

Remember that the goal is not to open an account to be in the trend but to design a strategy to take advantage of the trend in your favor. If you don't do things this way, it could negatively impact you.

  1. Use of artificial intelligence

Thanks to easily accessible and low-cost resources, artificial intelligence has become available to everyone. That is why its use has been increasing, and in 2023 it will become indispensable to achieving extraordinary results in sales. Commercial areas are among the most benefited from this technology.

Artificial intelligence frees the sales force from operational work, provides reports that are roadmaps for marketing actions, makes it possible to anticipate customer behavior, and much more. So, AI can be your translator, assistant, free essay writer for selling texts, or marketer. As you can see, this is no longer something out of a movie; it is technology and data at the service of your business goals.

  1. Video

It doesn't matter if it's a live broadcast, reels or stories on Instagram, TikTok posts, YouTube shorts, or webinars; the truth is that video is the protagonist of 2023 when it comes to promoting products or services.

It is a format that is easy to consume and allows you to work on content capsules or longer pieces, so there is room for many things and a greater reach. Therefore, audiovisual content is an excellent opportunity to give a face to the brand, bring it closer to the user, and generate connections.

  1. A podcast to build loyalty

Podcasts are replacing blogs. They are the tool that most help to position yourself as an expert on a specific topic. A valuable podcast creates community, favors brand reputation, and builds loyalty. All this is possible because the format allows you to go deeper into the issues clearly and closely through the brand's voice.

Prospects can find in this voice a valuable reference and consolidate trust in your products or services.

  1. Social Selling

Take advantage of all the data you collect from your social networks. Don't see your social media accounts as a mere channel for transmitting information. They are also a means to collect data from your prospects to sell to them later.

How to do it? The first thing to do is to monitor the activity of your digital community permanently. This lets you detect your audience's interests, pains, and needs. The second thing is to interact. Generate conversation, answer comments, comment in groups, and perform more actions of this type. This will give you visibility and connection.

  1. Sell the value of the product, not the product.

Generating a sales strategy focused on highlighting the differential value of the product or service is a step further. The amount of daily information and content people consume makes traditional tactics, such as discounts, more of the same. There is also no connection when the conversation is focused on talking and talking about the product itself.

The trend to achieve more sales is to focus the discourse on the benefits or impacts of what is being sold. Here, testimonials are of great value. Although this is not a novelty, it is a current and promising tactic.

  1. Alignment of work areas

A salesperson cannot achieve business goals without the entire team's support. The team comprises all the departments and roles involved in the customer life cycle. Writing copy to obtain a lead is just as important as closing the process by building customer loyalty with after-sales service.

What does alignment consist of? Generating awareness within the team. Everyone must know that making or losing a sale is in their hands. Thus, all employees will work with the same care, using the same corporate messages, with coordinated actions that lead to the same goal of increasing sales.

  1. Training and constant learning

At a personal and company level, professional and team development is a pillar of growth, and this has repercussions at multiple levels within a company. Therefore, although it is not an exclusive trend for sales, it is a trend in the work environment that is worth incorporating into an organization.

Constant learning is a source of knowledge but also inspiration and motivation. Supporting the training of collaborators or providing one's training contributes to more achievement-oriented work performance. In sales, this translates into better business results.

  1. Customer loyalty

This is not a new issue, but this year there is a tendency to strengthen customer loyalty techniques. The truth is that everything done to retain a buyer and forge a relationship of trust and loyalty with the brand is much more profitable than investing in acquiring new customers.

Among the benefits of customer loyalty is the possibility of increasing the frequency and ticket sales. A loyal customer also contributes to the brand's reputation with genuine recommendations. In addition, with a solid business relationship, it is easier to know their needs and thus adapt the business, customize the service, launch new products, and perform more actions with a high probability of success.

  1. CMR is fundamental

More and more companies are managing some CRM, and it seems that in 2023 this will be one of the mandatory trends in sales. Compulsory because if you don't use it, you will be left behind the competition that does.

There are many reasons to use a CRM. We will mention a few to encourage you to use yours: it simplifies work, facilitates customer lifecycle tracking, helps to focus strategies, and is an input for any operation in artificial intelligence and automation.

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