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Hi! We’re Hawke Media. You might know us from such classics as Hawekfest, Night Hawke, and our most recent production, Quarantine Conference.

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Hawkefest – Feat. ex-NBA Superstar Baron Davis and Pro Skater turned CEO Rob Dyrdek

Quarantine Conference – Feat. Shark Tank’s Daymond John & Former White House Director of Communications, Anthony Scaramucci 

Night Hawke – Feat. All-Star Lineups of Magicians, Comedians, Chefs, and Everything In Between

Been there. Done that. 

We’re ready to blow those events out of the water with an event on a scale and magnitude that we’ve never seen before (you probably haven’t either) and most wouldn’t dare to attempt!

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The team that let you swim with Sharks, ball out with former NBA Superstar, Baron Davis, and share a virtual kitchen with Michelin Star chef, Gary Nguyen is back in partnership with the City of Los Angeles to bring you something epic. It’s a week-long virtual event (September 28-October 2) full of interactive sessions, innovative experiences, and inventive entertainment, along with top-notch education from eCommerce’s top thought leaders:

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This article originally appeared in the HawkeMedia blog and has been published here with permission.

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