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Upsell AFTER Checkout On Shopify With Bold Upsell



Bold Upsell for Shopify just got even better! You can now show one-click post purchase offers after checkout, with Shopify's native checkout! 

Why is this so great? 

It's a well known marketing tactic that it costs less to market to existing customers than to acquire new ones. And what's more, existing customers are 5-25 times more likely to convert on an offer than a new customer. 

Post purchase upsells are directly targeting your existing customers — they just completed a purchase (literally seconds ago), they don't need to enter credit card or address details again, and it's truly just one simple click and done!

This is why upsells after checkout are the highest converting offer of any upsell offer. 

Upsells after checkout have also been referred to as the “highest converting and most valuable click in ecommerce”. 

So far, the results are proving this to be true. Some of our early shops using it are already seeing over 30% conversion! That means over 30% of their orders are now larger. 

With Bold Upsell you can offer upsells and cross-sells when a customer clicks “add-to-cart”; when they're in the cart and click “checkout”; and now, on the thank you page post-purchase as well.  This video shows how in roughly 60 seconds you can add post-purchase upsell offers after checkout, and start increasing the size of every order going through your store:

Post-purchase upsells are the highest converting upsell offer for a reason:

  • You're targeting a customer that just made a purchase
  • Post purchase offers don't interrupt your customers shopping flow
  • Your customer does not need to enter a credit card or address again
  • You can offer exclusive discounts, only on the post-purchase page 
  • It's JUST ONE CLICK for customers to add it to the order just placed

It's been coined the highest converting click in ecommerce for a reason. Every click results in a guaranteed sale. 

If you have Bold Upsell, post-purchase upsells after checkout are now live and you can turn them on today! If you don't have Bold Upsell and would like to get started with post-purchase upsells (or any of the other upsell offers), you can try Bold Upsell free for 14 days right now. 


This originally appeared on Bold Commerce and is made available here to cast a wider net of discovery.
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