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Using Keywords In Your Ecommerce SEO Strategy

Using Keywords In Your Ecommerce SEO Strategy

Keyword research is very important in building a successful eCommerce SEO strategy. Identifying the most high-traffic and relevant keywords means that your website will be optimized, ranking higher on search engine results pages. This in turn creates:

  • Increased site traffic
  • Boosted site visibility
  • Higher sales

Let’s take a look at how this works, and why it’s so important

What Are Keywords?

Keywords are search terms that multiple people enter into search engines whilst searching for specific information. Every time a person searches, the search engine stores this information. When you know the terms that people find your site through, this can be a great help to your business. They explain what your website is about, what your customers are searching for, and what the relevant fields of information are to you.

For example, if your eCommerce business specializes in personalization and merchandising. Your relevant keywords may be: “optimized personalization”, “merchandising rules”, “how to personalize” “automatic merchandising”, as some examples. Knowing these, you would know what your customers are interested in.

For every category, you can find subcategories of keywords. Your job is to determine which ones are most relevant to your shoppers, in order to improve the user experience of your store. 

Keyword Research

Keyword research is a strategy that can be built once you know what your keywords are. This is an SEO strategy that can help find alternative terms people are using when searching for specific things. For example, rather than searching “merchandising rules” someone may be searching “merchandising systems”. If your strategy isn’t recognising this, all the people that search using the latter term would be missing out on finding your page.

Selecting The Right Keywords

So how can you choose the best keywords for your strategy?

In general, keywords focus on searches that will help provide the searchers with information. For example “What Is X” or “How To X”. These are important to know in building an eCommerce strategy, especially if your brand contains content creation and blogs. 

Another important element is to consider the volume of searches. The amount of searches will show you how relevant it is to your business, and can indicate the amount of traffic you will be appealing to. The higher the numbers, the more chance you have of good results. 

As with everything in eCommerce, it’s important to understand your market well. If you have a niche, this can be used to your advantage. The numbers aren’t the only important element. The highest numbers will probably be packed with a tight market and lot’s of competitors.

If there is something that you are offering that others aren’t, this will help direct people to your business. You need to give yourself a realistic chance of ranking, and the more unique the keyword, the more chance you have for this. 


A successful keyword SEO strategy is easy to achieve with time and patience. Having an SEO strategy will help boost the number of people engaging with your site, so it’s important. Using relevant keywords will definitely help build this up, and it’s not too late to start today. 

Special thanks to our friends at FastSimon for their insights on this topic.
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