Utilizing Customizations In Recharge To Create A Relatable Brand


Harnessing your brand is a powerful tool in ecommerce, as consumers are more inclined to buy from a brand that they relate to. While brand awareness plays an important role in acquisition, it’s equally important to reinforce your brand throughout the ongoing customer journey. From transactional touchpoints to subscription management, every interaction with a subscriber should be intentional and on-brand to boost engagement and lifetime value (LTV).

Recharge offers a few turnkey opportunities to showcase your brand throughout the customer journey–customizing the look and tone of transactional notifications, tailoring brand-relevant cancellation reasons and retention strategies, and stylizing the customer portal for subscription management. 

Transactional notifications

By default, Recharge deploys transactional notifications based on an event, whether that’s a subscription activation, upcoming order, or a failed transaction. The turnkey style of these notifications is basic text with no imagery or major call-to-action. However, with a little CSS, you can flex your voice with an impactful touchpoint, encouraging customers to manage subscriptions, adjust shipping/billing and learn more about your brand. Craft well-designed and powerful messages with Recharge variables and CSS in Settings > Notifications.

If you’re integrated with Klaviyo, you can deploy some transactional messages through its platform instead. Going this route gives you the benefits of Klaviyo metrics and designed email templates.

Cancellation reasons + retention strategies

Recharge provides generic cancellation reasons with a comment field in your settings. You can tailor cancellation reasons to match your brand’s voice and your product so that your subscribers aren’t defaulting to the vague “Other” reason. The benefit of offering relevant cancellation reasons is that you will acquire actionable insights from your subscribers, positioning you to understand your customer churn and make changes as needed to improve retention. Additionally, you can enable incentives or actions to encourage customers to change their subscription instead of canceling, like providing a discount code or a skip option. 

Customer portal

The customer portal gives customers control of their subscriptions, empowering them to make changes to upcoming orders. To ensure the experience is on-brand and frictionless, Recharge offers two customer portal themes, Prima and Novum, which provide varied user interfaces to meet your business and platform needs. With both options you can leverage CSS to customize the header, footer, and credit card page, creating brand cohesion and familiarity across all aspects of the customer experience. In addition to stylizing, you can use translations to make adjustments to the language and text elements to fit the rest of your site. These modifications can be made in Settings > Customer portal > Customize styles and in Settings > Translation. 

For more robust customizations, you can build a completely custom interface using Recharge Theme Engine. While this isn’t available turnkey, investing in your customer portal can dramatically improve retention and offer creative ways for subscribers to engage. 

With the flexibility to customize the above aspects in Recharge, your subscribers can interact with your brand consistently. 

Special thanks to our friends at ReCharge Payments for their insights on this topic.
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