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Visualizing Marketing Funnels: A Strategic Approach With E-Commerce Flowcharts

A marketing funnel can help you analyze the performance of an ecommerce store.

It provides a visual presentation of how users progress through different marketing stages. It is also important to mention that e-commerce business owners can use a funnel to see how visitors move through their website, from the landing page to the purchase confirmation page.

In this article, we will discuss how you can visualize a marketing funnel for your ecommerce website using flowcharts.

The Awareness State

This is the first marketing funnel stage, where the business informs customers of its products. It contains the widest audience you can target to make people aware of your products. The flow chart elements you can include are email newsletters, blog posts, social media posts, and different ads.

The flowchart should indicate people's channels to reach your e-commerce store and their actions. The flowchart should tell you what to do if they take a specific action. 

For example, direct those who read a blog post to another page, or those who sign up for your newsletter could receive a welcome email that includes information about the business.

The Consideration and Interest Stage

When it comes to attracting potential customers to your products, it is essential to understand the process of the buyer's journey. As visitors move down the funnel, they enter the interest and consideration stage to evaluate your products. At this stage, it is crucial to build solid relationships with potential customers and provide them with additional information to keep them interested.

Consider webinars, free trials, landing pages, and product demos to market your products effectively at this stage. These marketing materials help you engage with your potential customers and give them an in-depth understanding of your products. To keep track of your marketing efforts, it is recommended to create a flow chart outlining the actions potential customers take when they engage with each of these marketing materials.

The Decision Stage

At this stage, leads are considering your products before purchasing. They might look at pricing tables, comparison charts, case studies, and testimonials to decide whether to complete a purchase. Calls to action at this stage should send them to product or purchase pages so they can enter the last stage of a marketing funnel.

The Action Stage

Also known as the bottom of the funnel, this is where users are ready to convert or have already restored. The flowchart elements could include the checkout page, subscription forms, purchase confirmation pages, and thank you pages.

Visualizing the Marketing Funnel

Since you know what your marketing funnel and flowchart should include, the next thing is creating the flowchart. An online flowchart template will save you a lot of time because it already consists of the various elements that help you get started quickly.

The template will give you different symbols and connectors when creating the flowchart. You could use rectangles to represent actions and processes like emailing or suggesting an article for a blog reader. 

Diamonds can represent decision points, such as answering whether the user clicked on an ad or entered their email address. Lastly, you can use arrows to show the funnel's flow and where each decision leads.

Visualizing your marketing funnel can help you better understand how to guide users down the funnel. It can also help you identify areas with friction or bottlenecks you can eliminate or resolve for better sales for your e-commerce business. 

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