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We Launched Search! Here’s Everything You Need To Know From Our Events In NYC, London, And Sydney.


You’ve probably heard the news, but we just concluded our biggest-ever product launch yet: ecommerce site search. 

And we’ve placed it directly in our Commerce Experience Platform (CXP). Why’s that important? Search is one of the strongest signals of buying intent, but, until now, valuable search data has been left siloed within stand-alone point solutions. 

Launching search as part of our unified CXP means retailers can leverage the full power of search data across their entire store. This opens up massive opportunities for retailers to create personalized, authentic, and relevant customer experiences at every touchpoint, influencing product recommendations, content personalization, merchandising, and more, delivering seamlessly connected shopping experiences from the moment a user lands on their site.

The latest product in our CXP is now available globally and follows the acquisitions of ecommerce site search solution, SearchNode, and product discovery platform, Findologic, in 2022, meaning we’re uniquely positioned to disrupt the product discovery market with decades of technical expertise. You can read more about our product in this article, understand why we built the product by taking a look at this market research we released at the same time, or here’s a video that can just show you how great the product is.

Global launch events in NYC, London, Sydney, and a live stream

To celebrate the newest addition to our platform, we held a special product release party in three different cities, London, Sydney, and New York—where we live streamed our Search panel from a rooftop bar in Manhattan! If you want to watch the live stream, you can head over here and check it out.

So here’s what went down in NYC

Nosto leadership was joined by global retailers Perry Ellis and A.L.C. at the rooftop of The Press Lounge, where we invited our partners and friends to the big unveiling with warm New York weather and afternoon cocktails! 

We not only dove into our Search product, but also shared brand new research that uncovered the expectation gaps between what shoppers want from site search and what brands were actually providing, along with an insightful Q&A with our panelists. 

When asked about some of their favorite features of our Search product, Lexis Kambour, Ecommerce Manager at Perry Ellis said, “Customer searches these days are a little more specific, a little more demanding. They’re not just searching for a polo; now, it’s a polo with striped collar or a polo with a print pattern. So for us, I love that Nosto’s Search can recognize things like color.”

A.L.C.’s SVP Marketing & Digital, Hilary Peterson, said, “Being able to leverage AI is best, especially because we don’t have to manually change anything. It took less than a month to get Search up. That, and there wasn’t any undue burden or stress on our development resources either.”

Learn how Perry Ellis used segmentation to personalize their search results here, and how A.L.C. doubled conversion rate on their search pages through merchandising rules here.

“We want to make sure that every part of the shopping experience is completely relevant to the customer. We’ve gone from product recommendations, bundles, segmentation and now, to really deliver on our vision of having one single platform that informs everything a user does on your website, we have Search.” – Jim Lofgren, CEO

Here’s what went down in London

From a bright rooftop to a bike shed with neon lighting, our Search event in London took off with ecommerce experts and leading brands, Gym + Coffee and Cox & Cox. Everyone grabbed a drink and sat down to listen to the panelists share their thoughts on our new research about product discovery, and how investing in Search technology has changed the game. 

Ecommerce Manager at Gym + Coffee, Lee McNamara, spoke to how our site search has increased their team’s productivity and enhanced their site’s overall personalization strategy. “Our conversion rates are hitting targets, whether it’s through Category Merchandising or Search, our traffic’s converting well. As we’ve found with all Nosto products, the time-saving piece has been instrumental. To be able to plug in rules and feel confident they’ll deliver the right results, and not have to constantly monitor and adapt them, has been a dream,” said Lee.

See how Gym + Coffee slashed time and effort by scaling Search performances with merchandising rules by reading the case study here. And although they couldn’t make it to the panel, SikSilk saw a 25% increase in CVR of search users and a significant decrease in site exits after implementing Search. You can check out their case study here

Here’s what went down in Sydney

And last but not least, we took everyone to the chapel in Sydney! Surrounded by tech partners and friends, the Sydney event was able to take a deeper, more technical look at our Search Product, with Adam Reiter, Nosto Head of Technical Solutions, Edward Sinclair, APAC Sales Leader, and Alina Marques, Senior Product Manager, joining the group. 

Together, we discussed with our partners how we could help merchants unlock the value of their search data to enrich all areas of the onsite personalization strategy. 

And what gave the Sydney event the edge? They had an incredible photo booth. 

And that’s a wrap 

We mingled with our partners, customers, clients, and friends on three different continents to celebrate one huge win, that is, the reshaping of product discovery. 

So, we’d say that’s a wrap, but really we’re just getting started in 2023. To learn how you can drive product discovery with powerful and personalized ecommerce site search, book a demo.

Special thanks to our friends at Nosto for their insights on this topic.
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