5 Website Design Trends Making a Return in 2023

website design trends 2023

In today’s fast-paced world, one aspect that constantly changes is the world of website design. New trends appear each year. Elements that were once considered new, trendy, and hip may now be seen as old and outdated. And if you don’t keep up, you risk falling behind your competitors and losing potential visitors or customers.

That’s why staying ahead of the game and knowing what website design trends are emerging is important. This will ensure your website stays relevant, visually appealing, and easy to navigate and explore. All these elements will make for a great user experience for each visitor!

So, what website design trends do you need to know in 2023? Here are five of them.

Memphis Design

Memphis Design is a colorful blend of pop art and art deco. It started in 1980 because of a group of artists who hated minimalism, and it still has a following even now.

It faded into obscurity after the 1980s, but it made a comeback in 2005. And now, believe it or not, it’s a trend for websites! It’s ideal since it catches the eye and will definitely make your website stand out because it’s a fun and lively approach with bursts of vibrant color.

To incorporate Memphis Design into your website aside from colors, use different fonts, weird shapes and lines, geometric shapes, and bold illustrations.

Animations and Micro-Interactions

This year, animations are becoming more prevalent in website design. These animations don't necessarily have to be large and slow down the website's loading speed. Animated product videos are becoming increasingly popular as a way to showcase a product's features and benefits. 

With the option of using 2D or 3D illustrations and clay morphism, product videos can now take viewers to different environments and even fantasy worlds. This not only adds a fun element to the website but also gives visitors a more immersive experience, especially with AI advancing new possibilities.

Animations are not just limited to product videos; websites that don't sell products can also incorporate micro-interactions to engage visitors. For instance, when a visitor hovers over an icon or logo, a mini-animation can make the icon glow or change color subtly, indicating that the website is interacting with the user. These micro animations can also guide visitors to specific parts of the website or make them feel heard and valued as customers. Computers In The City's homepage is a great example of this; they leverage a few mini-animations and their icons glow upon hovering.


If your design principle is “less is more,” then you’d appreciate the fact that minimalism is emerging as a trend this 2023. Minimalism will never go out of style, though–it’s a classic design trend. But how do you apply this to website design?

Well, not all websites need flashy websites that have eye-popping colors and cute animations. If your brand is the same, then you can stick with certain color palettes and use only the necessary elements to get your message across. Examples of these are clean, easy-to-understand graphics and images, simple copywriting, the use of white spaces, and an effortless experience for users to get around your website.

The advantages of a minimalist design include shorter loading times and a website that is generally user-friendly and convenient. You’ll also find it easier to emphasize important things or areas where you want your visitor to go. 

However, a drawback to this trend is since there are fewer elements to notice, mistakes are also easier to spot. You’ll have to ensure the website is thoroughly tested before launching to avoid errors that might turn off potential customers.

Emphasis on User Experience

This trend probably isn’t new, but considering user experience is as important as ever in 2023. You shouldn’t only go for visually-appealing websites, but you should also emphasize ease of use and navigation. That’s especially since the emphasis on accessibility is gaining momentum. 

You have to make sure, for example, that you now provide alt-text for images for people who are visually challenged. Gender-neutral designs are now also more favored since it means you are not assuming anything about your user.

And, of course, site-loading speeds are more important than ever. Since not all users come from countries that have fast Internet connections, you have to make sure that your website doesn’t only look good but can actually be accessed. Remember, Google will prioritize websites that load fast in their rankings.

In short, no matter what you do with your website, the end result should be something that’s customer-centric.

Playfulness and Creativity

Being playful and creative are also in this 2023. You won’t be out of place if you use experiment typography, custom fonts and lettering, and even unique cursors and pixelated elements. Feel free also to use asymmetrical layouts and split screens. 

Being playful can also mean using color gradients to get emotions from users. Think of this year as a free-for-all regarding being creative and pushing the boundaries of possibilities, even if the website is a serious one. Standing out from the crowd is a must, after all!

Final Thoughts

Memphis Design, animations and micro-interactions, and minimalism are just some website design trends you need to know this 2023. There are more out there, but these will help you get started in being seen as modern and up-to-date and could potentially improve your user experience. 

However, remember that just because a design trend is popular doesn't mean you need to implement it on your website. You can play around, but ultimately, your brand and the purpose of your website should be the driving force behind your design decisions. If you feel that a minimalist design or animations don't fit your brand, don't force it. 

Remember that a good website design should make it easy for your customers to navigate your site and find what they want. Your website design should create a positive and seamless experience for your visitors, ultimately leading to conversions and more business for you.

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Be Careful Sending Incentives To This Customer Segment

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