Tips and Tricks: Website Trustworthiness

Think about a time that you have purchased something from a website. Think about why you chose to buy the item from that website, and what it was about that website that led you to trust them.


Now, think about a time that you didn’t buy an item from a website because it did not feel trustworthy. What did you notice about the website that made it seem untrustworthy? How did you make the decision not to purchase from this website?


In order for a customer to make a purchase from a website, they must first trust what they are seeing. Why? It’s fairly simple: nobody wants to give their money to someone they cannot trust, making it absolutely necessary that a website be trustworthy in order to make sales.


In order for a company to come across as trustworthy, they should convey the following to their customers upon their first impression of seeing the site:


  • A sense of morality and responsibility.
  • The products will perform as expected.
  • The customer’s personal information will be protected once making a purchase.
  • The products will be reliable


One of the best ways to convey trustworthiness is through a quality website design. It’s no secret that people gravitate towards things they find attractive, and this goes for business as well. If a company’s website does not look professional, the customer will expect to be disappointed should they work with that company.


In addition, it should not only be well designed but should convey a brand personality upon first impression. The front page of any online store should have a strong message about what the company stands for, and what they believe in. Transparency in a company is something that leads to trust, and one way to achieve transparency is through being honest about your morals and beliefs as a company. Show this by incorporating your brand’s personality as a major part of your website design.


Another great way to drive away potential customers is having a site that is not up to date. When customers see a site that is very clearly behind the times, they will not trust it to make a purchase. If they feel that the site is no longer maintained, they may feel uneasy about giving their credit card information in order to make a purchase.


Be sure that your website is up to date at all times. One way to do this is by including news or updates on the front page of your website that show the company being active.


In addition, all websites should include secure badges to prove the validity and safety of their checkout process. Websites hosted with Shopify should always include the Shopify secure button after checkout screen, as it shows customers that they are working with a legitimate company and a legitimate eCommerce business.


Social media is one of the most important aspects of any successful online business, and it can also be used to convey a sense of trust to customers. When companies are active on social media, and are active with their communities online, visitors will get the impression that the company cares about their customers, and will be far more likely to make a purchase.


Finally, a company should make it very easy for customers to reach out to them if they have a question or concern. New visitors to the site will always be skeptical before making a purchase, however including a contact page or button is often times enough to dissipate any concerns before they arrived. In the event there are questions that must be answered, customers will appreciate being able to directly contact you for more information, and will certainly appreciate a timely and helpful response.

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