We’ve Expanded Our Return Bar Network To Nearly 9,000 Locations


With the expansion, 87% of Americans now live within 10 miles of a Return Bar.

After completing a successful pilot program with GameStop over the past six months, we are thrilled to announce our expansion into all GameStop stores nationwide. In the coming weeks, we will add over 2,900 new GameStop stores to our Return Bar network. These new stores, along with our recent expansions at Hibbett’s and Giant Eagle, give us almost 9,000 places for box-free, in-person return drop-off. Now nearly 9 out of 10 American households are now within 10 miles of a Happy Returns location.¹

According to our study Returns Happen, online shoppers prefer in-person, box-free returns over any other method.² In addition, Return Bar location partners often benefit from new sales since 62% of consumers use their refund to shop when they drop off their return.³

As for our retail customer base, we’re happy to say that the expanded Return Bar network continues to enable merchants to save up to 40% on return shipping costs by aggregating returned items.⁴ Aggregated returns are also a more sustainable shipping option compared to mail returns.

Our Co-Founder David Sobie says:

“We’re excited to add new locations to our Return Bar network with the recent addition of GameStop, Hibbett’s, and Giant Eagle. Offering a network with nearly 9,000 drop-off locations makes box-free returns the most convenient and popular option with shoppers and drives high quality store visits to our location partners.”

It’s amazing how technology is changing the way merchants approach e-commerce returns, allowing them to reduce friction and enhance the customer experience. Our new study of decision-makers at enterprise retail brands found that:⁵



of merchants believe their returns process has a significant impact on their sales.



of merchants said a better customer experience was the no. 1 benefit of working with a returns solution provider like Happy Returns.



of merchants are planning to upgrade their e-commerce returns system within the next year, citing costs and customer experience as the top reasons for switching returns systems.


If you’re a merchant looking to learn more about our returns portal software and in-person Return Bar service, you can schedule a demo with our team here.


¹Source: National Retail Federation, January 2022

²Source: Happy Returns, “Returns Happen 2022,” Oct 30, 2022

³Source: Happy Returns, “Returns Happen 2022,” Oct 30, 2022

⁴Source: Based on internal Happy Returns data

⁵Source: Worldwide Business Research (WBR), commissioned by PayPal, December 8, 2022 – January 17, 2023. The research was conducted by WBR across 100 U.S. apparel and footwear merchants with annual revenues of $500 million or more (n=100). 


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Special thanks to our friends at Happy Returns for their insights on this topic.
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