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We’ve Found The 10 Best Affordable SEO Agencies For Your Business

The world of SEO in 2023 is booming. It's worth a massive $60.63 billion. This shows just how much people need SEO services these days.

And it's growing fast. Experts predict it will reach $129.6 billion by 2030. This tells us one thing: SEO is more important than ever.

Every business right now, big or small, might be looking for SEO agencies that are good but not too expensive. These agencies are crucial for smaller companies. They help them get noticed without spending too much.

In this article, we'll look at affordable SEO agencies. We'll see what makes them different and how they use intelligent strategies to help businesses stand out.

What are SEO Agencies?

Think of SEO agencies as the people who make your business easy to find online. They work hard to get your website noticed on search engines like Google. Why is this important? Because a website that shows up higher in search results is like a store on a busy street. More people will find you, leading to more sales and money.

SEO agencies do a lot to help your website get seen. They bring more natural visitors to your site and play a big part in growing your business by making you more visible online.

Here's what SEO agencies can do for you:

  • Check how your website is doing with SEO audits.
  • See how you can do better than your competitors.
  • Create content that talks to your audience.
  • Fix the technical parts of your site.
  • Focus on SEO for your local area.
  • Find and use the right keywords.
  • Build links and get your name out there.
  • Give you regular updates.
  • Offer advice and plan strategies that work for you.

With so many services, the big question is: which agency fits your needs best? We'll closely examine each agency and show what they're best at.

Why are SEO Agencies Important?

Expertise and Experience

SEO agencies are powerhouses of knowledge, packed with professionals adept at boosting website visibility on search engines. They're always in sync with the latest SEO trends and techniques. Their expertise is fundamental in crafting tailored strategies for businesses, ensuring they stand out online.

Consider Embarque's work with Flick, an Instagram hashtag manager and analytics platform. Our collaboration led to Flick attracting 9.6 million yearly organic search traffic in under a year. Moreover, Flick saw a 178% surge in blog traffic from Q3 2021 to Q2 2022.

Our strategy at Embarque involved in-depth keyword research, high-quality content creation, optimizing current content, and forging solid backlinks. This method showcases our proficiency and seasoned experience in the SEO arena.

Comprehensive Service Offering

SEO agencies offer services from pinpointing the perfect keywords and crafting content to enhancing the technical side of SEO and link building. They manage all aspects of a website's SEO, rendering their strategies more efficient.

SaaS SEO agencies, in particular, excel in optimizing software-as-a-service platforms. They provide bespoke strategies addressing the distinct requirements of SaaS businesses. This expertise in SaaS SEO proves vital for those companies, ensuring their unique propositions and business models are effectively communicated and ranked in search engines.

Through this all-encompassing approach, businesses, especially in the SaaS field, can boost their online presence and achieve better search engine rankings than if they were to go alone.

Time and Cost Efficiency

Establishing an in-house SEO team can be time-consuming and costly, especially for smaller businesses. SEO agencies present a more economical alternative, equipped with the necessary tools, technology, and personnel. This enables enterprises to leverage first-rate SEO expertise without the extra expense of building their team, saving time and resources.

Focus on Core Business Activities

Outsourcing SEO lets businesses zero in on their primary functions, free from the complexities of SEO. This is especially beneficial for firms needing more expertise or resources for SEO. Companies can operate more smoothly by concentrating on their strengths while the SEO agency bolsters their online presence.

Access to Advanced Tools and Analytics

SEO agencies have sophisticated tools and analytics at their disposal, which are often too costly for individual companies. These resources enable agencies to conduct extensive website analysis, competitor and keyword research, and monitor the effectiveness of SEO campaigns. This provides businesses with insightful data to enhance their digital marketing strategies.

Adaptability to Changing SEO Landscape

The SEO world is constantly evolving, with frequent updates to search engine algorithms. SEO agencies are adept at staying abreast of these changes, swiftly adjusting their strategies. This adaptability is essential in maintaining and enhancing a company's online visibility in an ever-shifting digital environment.

Criteria to consider when choosing an SEO agency

Proven Track Record and Case Studies

Choosing an SEO agency with a solid history of success is essential. They should offer concrete examples of their impact on other businesses' search engine rankings and digital marketing achievements. This evidence of their capability is a reliable indicator of their potential to deliver results.

Transparency and Reporting

Opt for an agency that's upfront about its methods and outcomes. Consistent updates on their activities and your SEO progress are crucial. This transparency ensures you're always in the loop regarding utilizing your investment.

Customization of Strategies

Every business is unique, and so are its SEO requirements. Ensure the agency is willing to adapt its approach to your specific objectives, industry, and target audience. Generic, one-size-fits-all solutions are often less effective.

Communication and Customer Service

Effective communication is critical. Your chosen agency should be approachable, attentive to your needs, and clear in their responses. Strong communication fosters a productive and successful partnership.

Industry Experience

An agency with experience in your specific industry can offer valuable insights. Their familiarity with your market and customer base can lead to more effective SEO strategies.

Embarque has successfully served various industries with SEO, including the example of Flick. Another case is their work with Valheim Server Hosting (VSH). Starting from scratch, Embarque significantly enhanced VSH's online visibility.

Within five months, they helped VSH earn over $35,000 by achieving a first-page ranking on Google Search. Their strategy involved targeting achievable keywords and producing high-quality content, outperforming previous paid search efforts and significantly increasing site traffic.

Ethical SEO Practices

Ensure the agency adheres to ethical SEO standards and steers clear of tactics that might harm your website's reputation and ranking in the long run. A commitment to ethical practices is vital for sustainable SEO success.

Budget and Pricing Structure

Consider the agency's pricing to ensure it aligns with your budget. Be wary of agencies promising quick, inexpensive results, as this may indicate a compromise in quality.

Contract Terms and Flexibility

Fully understand the contract's terms, duration, services, and cancellation policy. Choose an agency that offers the flexibility to adapt its usefulness as your business evolves.

Tools and Technologies Used

Inquire about the agency's tools and technologies for keyword research and performance tracking. An agency using modern, industry-standard tools is a sign of professionalism.

10 Best Affordable SEO Agencies

1. Embarque

Embarque is a SaaS SEO agency that helps businesses grow by improving their online presence. They are good at helping companies like VEED and Riverside get more clients and grow faster.

Services Offered

  • SEO Keyword Research: Suggest keywords that are popular and not too hard to rank for, which are below 20 in keyword difficulty (KD).
  • Product-led Blog Posts: Write detailed blog articles and plan when to post them. This helps websites become known for their expertise in specific topics.
  • SEO Content Republishing: Optimize old website content to help it rank better in search results.
  • Backlinks: Get high-quality backlinks by editing existing articles in their niche or writing guest posts.
  • SEO Landing Pages: Create web pages to turn visitors into buyers, using keywords that show the visitor wants to buy something.


They offer a range of pricing options for SEO tailored to your specific requirements. The most popular choice is their Blended pricing, encompassing content and backlinks. Monthly prices start at $1300 and go up to $2500.

2. Boostability

Established in 2009, Boostability makes SEO services affordable and accessible for small businesses. They aim to help these businesses succeed online and compete well with others.

Services Offered

  • Keyword Research: Finding the right keywords for businesses.
  • Tag Implementation: Using tags well to help with SEO.
  • Local Business SEO: Creating SEO plans suited for local businesses.
  • Backlink Building: Building backlinks to strengthen a website's reputation.


Boostability needs to provide specific prices or plans on their website.

3. IndeedSEO

IndeedSEO is a company that helps both small and large businesses grow online. They focus on improving your online visibility and brand through digital marketing strategies. They are experts in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and offer various other digital marketing services.

Services offered

  • Specialized SEO Services: Available for roofing, casinos, adult content, cryptocurrency, healthcare, real estate, and dentistry.
  • On-Page Optimization: Making your website more search engine friendly
  • Off-Page Optimization: Building your online presence
  • Google My Business Profile Optimization: Optimizing your Google My Business profile


You can ask for a quote from IndeedSEO's website for exact prices and service plans. They offer personalized pricing based on what you need for your project or business.

4. Oyova

Oyova is quickly becoming one of the top companies in the country. They help brands and businesses from all sectors grow. Their approach combines modern SEO with other digital marketing methods to help companies expand.

Services offered

  • Local SEO Services: Offers tailored local search optimization, citation setup, and Google My Business optimization.
  • Technical SEO Services: Improve site health, on-page optimization, backlink analysis, and website migrations.
  • eCommerce SEO Services: Enhances site architecture and on-page product optimization and focuses on brand awareness and content development.


You can request a quote from Oyova's website for detailed pricing and service plans. They tailor their prices based on the unique needs of your project or business.

5. Pearl Lemon

Pearl Lemon is known for its excellent SEO services. They help many businesses improve their online presence on various platforms and industries.

Services offered

  • General SEO services: Local SEO, Link Building, White label SEO, International SEO, Mobile SEO, On-page SEO, YouTube SEO, and Technical SEO.
  • CMS-specific SEO: Offers services for platforms like Joomla, Shopify, Magento, Moonfruit, Squarespace, Webnode, Wix, and Weebly.


They offer flexible SEO packages that can be changed to fit each client's needs. These services are available for a monthly fee. If you want to know more about their prices, it's a good idea to call them. They can give you more detailed information about their pricing.

6. The SEO Works

SEO Works has over ten years of experience providing SEO services to many businesses. This agency aims to boost your business's profits through its SEO strategies. They are known for their successful results and have received awards for their work in SEO.

Services offered

  • General SEO Services: Their strategy includes keyword and competitor research, benchmarking, and development.
  • Specialized SEO Services: They offer content marketing, technical SEO, link acquisition, competitor and market research, conversion rate optimization (CRO), local/franchise SEO, international SEO, and eCommerce SEO.


The price for their SEO services changes depending on what you need. Businesses pay from $1,400 to $4,500 each month. The cost depends on how complex your website is, how competitive your business industry is, and how much the SEO plan needs to be customized.

7. Delante

Delante is a company specializing in SEO and SEM, with a team with more than 100 years of total experience in SEO. Their goal is to work closely with their clients, almost like being a part of their clients' marketing teams. 

Services offered

  • Hands-On SEO: Delante implements the complete SEO process, including on-site optimization, link building, and content creation.
  • Specialized SEO Services: This includes International SEO, E-commerce SEO, Technical SEO, SEO Consulting, Local SEO, Link Building, Long Tail SEO, SEO Audit, SEO Setup, Link Building Audit, and SEO Migration Services.


Delante offers pricing that fits each client's specific needs. They invite potential clients to get a free price quote directly from their website. This shows that they create pricing plans based on what each client needs.

8. Ignite Visibility

Ignite Visibility is a popular digital marketing agency known for its expertise in SEO and various digital marketing services.

Services offered

  • Content Marketing: Focused on creating high-quality content to drive traffic, social shares, and links​​.
  • Internal Link Optimization: Optimizing internal linking structures for both large and smaller sites​​.
  • Advanced SEO Strategies: Implementing sophisticated SEO tactics tailored for complex sites​​.



You can have a free consultation if you're interested in their services. During this, they can discuss your needs and give you a service plan and price that fits your requirements.

9. Genie Crawl


Genie Crawl is a UK-based company focused on SEO and digital marketing. They help businesses boost their online presence and marketing efforts. They mainly do SEO but also handle other digital marketing tasks.

Services offered

  • SEO Services: Keyword research, improving your website, creating content, making your site mobile-friendly, and off-site tasks like link building and social media marketing.
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Services: They manage ads on platforms like Facebook and Google Adwords.
  • Branding and Social Media Marketing: They help enhance your brand and get more attention on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


They have different packages designed for various business sizes: Starter for startups and small businesses, Premium for small companies, Advanced for medium-sized companies, Professional for larger companies, and Enterprise for national companies. 

These packages include a range of SEO services like optimizing for keywords, content marketing, and improving social media presence, with different service levels and hours according to the package.

10. Straight North

Services offered

  • National SEO: Optimizes websites to improve rankings and reach customers nationwide.
  • Local SEO: Improves visibility in local search results to reach local customers.
  • E-commerce SEO: Increases visibility and drives customers to online stores.
  • Enterprise SEO: Provides specialized and consultative SEO solutions for large corporations or companies with large, complex websites​​.


Straight North sets its prices based on different factors that vary with each business. If interested, you can get a price quote from their website or by contacting them directly.

Choose The Best Affordable SEO Agency Now!

Let's sum it up. Choosing the right SEO agency is greatly important for businesses that want to be seen more online and get more customers. Affordable SEO agencies are helpful, especially for companies that want to save money but still get good results.

Here’s what to think about when you look for a budget-friendly SEO agency:

  • How SEO can make your website more noticeable.
  • Look for agencies with good experience, happy customers, and a wide range of services.
  • Choose one that suits your business needs and what you can afford.

There are lots of SEO agencies out there with different services and prices. The cheapest one might only sometimes be the best choice. Find an agency that’s both affordable and offers good quality.

In short, the right SEO agency can improve your website, bring in more visitors, and help your business grow. 

… if you’re unsure where to start, don’t hesitate to ask experts for advice!

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Geo-Targeting: The New Frontier In Online Marketing

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