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What Functions Does WhatsApp Tracker Solve?

A woman solving a text message on her smartphone.

Are you wondering about the capabilities of a WhatsApp tracker?

If you're searching for one, you might be curious about the issues it can help you solve. Fortunately, with many WhatsApp trackers available online, you can choose the one that suits your tracking needs. Using a reliable WhatsApp tracker gives you a comprehensive spy monitoring experience and keeps tabs on someone's WhatsApp calls and messages without them knowing.

Keep reading this review to explore what a WhatsApp online tracker is, how it works, and what problems it solves when applied.

What Is WhatsApp Tracker App? 

According to the Statista 2023 report, WhatsApp is the world's most popular messaging app, with approximately 2B monthly users. It's even more popular than WeChat, with 1.3B users, and Facebook Messenger, with 930M users. 

What is even more impressive is that after Facebook and YouTube, it's the 3rd most used social network globally. For this reason, more and more people rely on WhatsApp as their go-to platform for communication, sharing messages, photos, and videos, and staying connected with friends, family, and colleagues around the globe.

However, because so many people use WhatsApp, some are getting curious and trying to look into other people's messages. And the best solution to access other people's WhatsApp data is through a particular WhatsApp tracker application. But what is it?

Online tracker for WhatsApp is a spyware designed to help users monitor and track WhatsApp activities like WhatsApp location, including chats, calls, and media files, for personal or professional purposes. Users use these tools to ensure the safety of their loved ones, meet business objectives, or satisfy their curiosity. 

How Does WhatsApp Tracker App Work?

WhatsApp tracker app should be downloaded and installed on the target cell phone to start working. Once installed, the app will run in the background and track all WhatsApp activity. You can log into your userspace to monitor users' WhatsApp activity in real-time, get screenshots of their activities, read their shared text messages along with media files, see detailed timestamps for each, view the contact details of recipients/senders, etc. Physical installation on Android is a must, but when it comes to iOS, remote set-up via iCloud is possible.

Note: Some phone trackers may require jailbreak or rooting of the target device. Doing this could cancel the device's warranty and may lead to legal complications. Could you make sure to select one without this requirement?

Would you happen to know how the Best WhatsApp Online Tracker can help?

Using spyware to monitor WhatsApp activities is highly beneficial and essential in numerous situations. Here are some notable instances where its utility shines:

  • Reveal cheating partner: The best WhatsApp online tracker allows users to monitor and track the messages exchanged on the platform. It's an excellent solution for couples where infidelity is a question point. 
  • Contact checking: Besides the ability to track text messages, WhatsApp trackers also provide information about contacts, meaning you can find out the details about who a person is communicating with. In addition to this, you may also get info about the contact names, phone numbers, and profile pictures. 
  • Call logs monitoring: Some trackers can monitor voice and video calls through this IM app. You can see the details about the call length of both incoming and outgoing calls on WhatsApp. This feature can assist you in detecting who your loved ones communicate with most often and for how long. 
  • DM and group chat monitoring: Users can monitor direct messages exchanged between two individuals and keep tabs on group chats. This includes accessing shared text messages, media files, and members' names actively participating in the group. This feature holds significant importance, especially for parental control. 
  • Detecting sensitive data leaks: Businesses using a reliable WhatsApp tracker tool can detect if their staff members are responsibly handling confidential company data and ensure that there are no unauthorized disclosures to third parties. This helps businesses deal with problems early on and take the proper steps to keep data safe and private.

Note: While most users opt for WhatsApp tracker free applications, they do not provide enough security and safety for your data. You risk sharing your data with a tracker that does not work. Therefore, it's recommended to choose a reliable WhatsApp tracker like uMobix, which comes with a free trial and demo version, a 14-day money-back refund, and round-the-clock customer support so that you will be sure you know what you are paying for.


While WhatsApp trackers can help uncover valuable information, it's essential to know that using them may lead to ethical and legal concerns. Therefore, always follow privacy rules and get permission before checking someone's messages. Please make sure to prioritize open communication to solve the problem with a person directly. 

Consider using WhatsApp trackers only if you believe they are genuinely helpful or recognize their importance for safety and security reasons, such as monitoring the well-being of children or elderly relatives. Reliable applications like uMobix will provide accurate data and guarantee complete safety and anonymity without leaving a digital trace of your activities. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a WhatsApp tracker, and how does it work?
A WhatsApp tracker is a software tool designed to monitor and track activities on WhatsApp, including messages, calls, and media exchanges. It operates by being installed on the target device, running in the background to collect data.

Can WhatsApp trackers be used legally?
The legality of using WhatsApp trackers varies by country and depends on the purpose of use. It's essential to understand local laws and obtain consent from the monitored person when needed.

Do you know if WhatsApp trackers are detectable?
Most high-quality WhatsApp trackers are designed to operate stealthily, making them undetectable on the target device.

Can WhatsApp trackers monitor deleted messages?
Yes, many WhatsApp trackers can retrieve and display messages that have been deleted from the target device.

Do WhatsApp trackers require physical access to the device?
For Android devices, physical access is typically required for installation. For iOS devices, remote setup via iCloud credentials is often possible.

How does a WhatsApp tracker differ from standard WhatsApp?
A WhatsApp tracker is a separate application that monitors WhatsApp activity, while standard WhatsApp is the actual messaging platform used for communication.

Is it ethical to use a WhatsApp tracker?
The ethics of using a WhatsApp tracker depend on the context and purpose of monitoring. It's crucial to consider privacy rights and obtain consent when appropriate.

Can WhatsApp trackers be used for parental control?
Yes, parents commonly use WhatsApp trackers to monitor their children's online activities for safety purposes.

Are there free WhatsApp trackers available?
While free WhatsApp trackers exist, they may need more comprehensive features and security, making paid versions a more reliable choice.

How do I choose a reliable WhatsApp tracker?
Look for features that suit your needs, read user reviews, and consider factors like customer support, ease of use, and data security.

Can businesses use WhatsApp trackers for employee monitoring?
Businesses can use WhatsApp trackers for employee monitoring, but they must comply with privacy laws and inform employees about the monitoring.

Do WhatsApp trackers work on all smartphones?
WhatsApp trackers generally work on most modern smartphones, but compatibility should be checked for specific models and operating systems.

How long does it take to install a WhatsApp tracker?
Installation time varies, but physical installation on Android devices typically takes a few minutes.

Can WhatsApp trackers track location data?
Some WhatsApp trackers can track location data, providing real-time updates on the user's whereabouts.

How secure are WhatsApp trackers?
High-quality WhatsApp trackers prioritize data security, using encryption and other measures to protect monitored information.

Can WhatsApp trackers monitor voice and video calls?
Certain WhatsApp trackers can monitor details of voice and video calls, including call duration and participant information.

Do you know if I need technical skills to use a WhatsApp tracker?
Most WhatsApp trackers are designed for ease of use, requiring minimal technical skills for installation and monitoring.

How often is the data from a WhatsApp tracker updated?
Data update frequency varies by app, with some offering real-time updates and others providing periodic reports.

Can WhatsApp trackers be used to recover lost data?
WhatsApp trackers can sometimes assist in recovering lost or deleted data from the monitored device.

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