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What Is Customer Movement In ECommerce?


In eCommerce, customer movement is when customers move from one segment to another based on their purchasing behavior. For example, you can track the number of customers who change from a single-buyer segment to a multi-buyer segment after they make more purchases.

Here’s Jeremy for more on why customer movement is important to track for your business:

Understanding Customer Movement Using Daasity

In the Daasity App, you can visualize your brand’s own unique trends using our Customer Movement & Historical Performance Report. You can see the segment to segment trends and target customers who have not purchased in a while with your best offers and Marketing material.

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With over 20 years of dynamic industry experience, Dan LeBlanc is an analytics, customer experience, and business technology expert. He is passionate about data and is uniquely experienced in helping organizations leverage business insights to drive strategic growth and customer retention.

Special thanks to our friends at Daasity for their insights on this topic.
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