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What Is The Best Tracking Software For BigCommerce Stores?


BigCommerce is one of those online store builders you’ll hear about over and over again in your search for a great ecommerce platform. As a leading solution for both startups and more established companies, BigCommerce powers more than 90,000 stores across 65 countries.

In other words, it’s very popular. And there’s good reason it’s the cool kid of selling platforms!

Here, we’ll dive into the reasons so many merchants love the platform, and we’ll highlight how merchants can optimize the post-purchase experience by pairing BigCommerce with Route package tracking software.

What Is BigCommerce?

If you want to sell stuff online, BigCommerce is a tool that helps you create a website that does just that—sell stuff. 

Since its establishment in 2009, BigCommerce has grown to be one of the top four ecommerce platforms for merchants and retailers around the globe. The company was originally founded in Austin, Texas by Eddie Machaalani and Mitchell Harper, and it now has additional offices in San Francisco and Sydney. 

BigCommerce clients include well-known, enterprise-level brands like Martha Stewart and Toyota, along with small startup stores. The range of merchants using the platform is a testament to its scalability, flexibility, and user-friendliness. Its headless ecommerce approach makes updates to products or imagery easy for your team—even if your team is just you. No matter the size of the company or years in business, BigCommerce offers advanced, integrated features like online store creation, hosting, search engine optimization, and website security.

Reasons Merchants Love BigCommerce

Many merchants turn to BigCommerce because it’s an all-in-one solution that makes it easy to scale. Startup companies can kick off their growth with a pre-built site template, which can be set up in just a few minutes using a drag-and-drop tool—no coding required.

Despite its starter-friendly toolset and functionality, ecommerce stores built with BigCommerce don’t look like they were built by an amateur. This means that even one-person brands and creators can build websites that hang with the big dogs in the ecommerce world. 

Burrow bigcommerce website example.
Burrow is one handsome example of store powered by BigCommerce.

BigCommerce comes with all the tools needed to manage shipping and payments, marketing, and point-of-sale (POS) operations. It also offers 99.99% uptime and a single dashboard for managing product listings. And as companies grow, they can add third-party apps to increase functionality, such as integrations for accounting and taxes, analytics, CRM, and more.

Essentially, it’s an incredibly user-friendly option for entrepreneurs and brands that:

  • Have big goals and scaling dreams.
  • Don’t want to outsource web builds or site management to an agency.
  • Crave the autonomy of a platform that they can customize to their needs.

Why Route is the Best Package Tracking Software for BigCommerce Stores

BigCommerce certainly streamlines the process of establishing and running an online store. But the most successful ecommerce brands know there’s more to operating a business than a good-looking website that’s easy to click around.

Today’s consumers expect to be delighted. They expect to be supported. They expect to be wowed. While someone may be on your site for a product, they expect an experience. Crafting the ultimate customer experience that goes above and beyond the basics. They want proactive, engaging customer service every step of their buying journey. Sounds a little, well, needy—right? So how can BigCommerce users meet these ever-growing demands beyond the website?

It’s simple: Route. A package tracking software that enhances the brand-customer relationship like never before.        

Here are a few reasons why Route is the ultimate tracking tool for BigCommerce stores.

1. Easy to Use

Ecommerce brands face increasing competition and consumer demands. Essentially, there’s no time to waste. Fortunately, Route offers out-of-the-box integrations with BigCommerce, making it a breeze to implement packaging tracking that delights customers. It’s a straightforward process that doesn’t require any extra steps, whether your brand sells fashion, electronics, sports equipment, or anything in-between. 

Route leverages next-generation technology to transform package tracking into an immersive experience, without added effort. Every part of the tracking process is transparent and branded to the unique style of the ecommerce company.

2. Enhanced Customer Experience

Customers shouldn’t have to go looking for information about their package status.  Shuffling through inboxes to find emails that require even more clicking and searching is a friction-filled process that sours otherwise-good experiences. Instead, shoppers want easy access to live updates—without the runaround. Route gives every customer unlimited access to that information anytime, anywhere.

Customers can get package updates from their desktop computer, cellphone, or other mobile device. And the immersive, branded experience will leave them more loyal and supportive than ever. Ready for more good news? Ecommerce brands can even surface relevant product recommendations during the transit process to inspire people to make that next purchase. 

While post-purchase has historically been seen as the stark end to a single transaction, Route turns it into an extension of brand engagement and fuels repeat purchases all while people check in on their package status.

3. Decreased Customer Support Needs

Answering all those “Where’s my package?” questions can take up a lot of a support team’s bandwidth for not a ton of reward, which is why Route is an essential tool for optimizing customer service costs. By giving customers real-time shipping notifications across their preferred channels, ecommerce brands can decrease time spent on menial customer support tasks and spend more time building customer relationships that have a lasting impact.

Route is proven to reduce customer support tickets by up to 75%, as well as add 8–10 additional touches per order. And because 92% of customers enable push notifications, brands can enjoy immediate ROI. Proactive communication about package and tracking status is a huge relief to customers and your team.

4. Budget-friendly for BigCommerce Merchants

We all know money talks. So if your startup company or established ecommerce brand is strapped for cash, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Route package tracking software is one of the most cost-effective solutions for brands of any size. It’s the complete post-purchase suite that won’t bust your budget before you even have revenue to spare. 

The return experienced by enhanced customer experiences has been proven. Better experiences lead to higher average order values, enhanced customer loyalty, increased return customer rate, and more.

Route visual tracking allows ecommerce brands to easily track packages, protect investments, and engage more customers without added costs. Better yet, it actually saves merchants money by decreasing customer support costs, insuring lost, stolen, or damaged packages, and reducing acquisition costs.

Optimize Your BigCommerce Store with Route

BigCommerce is a solid ecommerce platform for brands looking for all-in-one functionality that allows them to scale quickly. But we’ll be real with you: packing tracking software is quickly becoming a non-negotiable for ecommerce brands that aim to build a loyal customer base.

Add Route to your BigCommerce store today to start engaging with customers directly throughout their buying journey, boost loyalty, and increase net profits.

Add Route Track to your BigCommerce store

This originally appeared on Route and is made available here to cast a wider net of discovery.
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