What Is The Difference Between Feature Flags And Branches?

The development of codes and software is complex, requiring appropriate specialized knowledge and preparation. It is also constantly evolving.

For this reason, many developers are looking for excellent, modern solutions to make their work easier. For example, feature flags and feature branches are popular.

  1. What are feature flags?
  2. What is feature branching?
  3. Feature flags vs. branching – what should you know?

Feature flag and feature branching – what is better for you? Let's try to find out about this topic.

What are feature flags?

One of the techniques used for the software development and code deployment process is feature flagging. Feature flags, or feature toggles, are a simple way to enable or disable the visibility of particular traits or code elements. This makes it convenient to create new options available to individual users. At the same time, thanks to feature flags, you can avoid problems related to errors in the code. The ability to show new elements to only a small group of users makes testing changes simpler and much more secure.

What is feature branching?

A feature branch is another solution related to the development of programming code. It consists of multiple developers engaged in creating software that creates it not only in one line – they create a new, copied branch of code. And then, changes are made to its feature branch. Then, when it is ready and works well, it can be merged with the main branch. Feature branches are a convenient and transparent solution, allowing new options and features to be quickly introduced into the code. When, for example, combined with a distributed version control system, branches provide employees with the ability to work independently but at the same time collectively in the main branch of code.

I'm wondering if you should know the feature flags vs. branching.

Many problems can be encountered during the entire development process. Therefore, it is not surprising that the use of modern functions is enormously advisable. So why choose from the available ones when you can combine them and create even better software? Combining feature branching with feature flags makes work faster and simpler by separating feature release management from code deployment. If you want to know more about trunk-based development, feature branching, or feature flagging, you should check out GetUnleashed. You will find there not only interesting information but also modern solutions, but also simple and safe work.

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