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What’s new at Okendo in 2020?


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To kick off the new year, we have some very exciting announcements about the growth of Okendo and what this means for your business!

From Sydney 🐨🇦🇺 to Miami 🌴🇺🇸

Okendo’s US office is officially open for business in Miami, Florida!

With 70% of Okendo users now located in North America, expanding to the US ensures we can deliver the best personalized, hands-on support and customer services you deserve.

Meet the Team

Let us introduce you to some of our newest team leaders based in the US and explain their roles in supporting high-growth Shopify merchants to build a successful customer marketing program with Okendo.

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Introducing Amanda Calderon

Amanda joins us as our new Customer Success Manager.

Amanda is here to provide both practical and strategic guidance for deploying and optimizing the Okendo platform. Plus, if you need help with the performance of your customer marketing program, Amanda is the one to call on.

👉Fancy an account tune up? Considering an account upgrade? Want to gloat about the LA Lakers beating the Miami Heat? Book a time to speak with Amanda here.

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Introducing Mor Assouline

Mor joins Okendo as our new Senior Account Director.

1000+ high-performance Shopify retailers now trust Okendo to power their customer marketing program. We hope to grow that number to 10,000 users and Mor is the man to make that happen!

👉Know a Shopify merchant wanting to grow their brand through happy customers? Have a friend overpaying for an alternative review solution? Book a time to speak with Mor here.

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Introducing Erialbania Lopez

Elo joins Okendo as our new Marketing Coordinator.

Okendo was founded by a team of introverted software engineers who strongly prefer a dark office to the media limelight. Thankfully, Elo is here to help us step out of the shadows and make some marketing noise!

👉Help Elo bring Okendo into the spotlight by following us on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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Introducing Veo Khammarath

Veo joins Okendo as our Support Team Coordinator.

Many of you know Veo already but we wanted to take a moment to put her and Okendo’s awesome Support team in the spotlight. The Support team are here to answer all your day-to-day questions on using Okendo and are standing by to assist in moments of need.

👉Need to move Okendo to your new Shopify theme? Got a question on how to use a particular feature? Contact Veo and the Support team at [email protected], start a chat with us in the Okendo app or check out the Help Centre.

What’s coming next?

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Stay tuned for these major new product releases over the coming weeks.

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