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What’s New? FB Pixel, SMS, Translations & More

Social media marketing in Sweden enhanced with new features and tools such as FB Pixel and SMS, alongside language translations and other additions.

We’ve built lots of great stuff for you!

New ways to collect more photo reviews, automatic translations that will boost your global conversions, a new way to reach happy customers, and more. Keep reading for the entire breakdown.

Facebook Pixel Integration

Loox now supports adding your Facebook pixel to help generate the most converting audience yet!

By adding your Facebook pixel in your Loox admin, Loox will report every 4 or 5-star review which can then be put together to make an audience of your happiest customers. This custom audience can be used for retargeting campaigns.

Moreover, connecting your pixel to Loox will also enable you to create an audience you’ve never seen before, based on lookalikes of your happy customers. Your Loox-alike audience awaits!

A few merchants have already reported that their Loox-alike campaign outperforms all others!

Learn how to integrate your Facebook pixel and create your own Loox-alike audience

Weglot Integration

We’ve been working closely with the Weglot team to help you make your store a global brand.

Weglot is a translation solution available on Shopify that helps you transform your store to multilingual in seconds.

Integrating Loox with Weglot will enable your customers to read your product’s reviews in their own language, automatically.

Have customers from all over the world purchase your products with more confidence and social proof!

Integration with Text Funnels

SMS marketing is among the media channels that have the highest open rates, standing at about 98%.

When we heard that, we thought “Sounds like an amazing opportunity to collect more reviews!”, so we partnered with Text Funnels. After all, the more reviews you have, the more your sales will grow.

The Text Funnels and Loox integration allows you to send review requests via text messages, making it quick and easy to communicate with customers where they will be paying attention, and by that, increase the social proof presence in your store.

New Languages

This month Loox also started supporting new languages, making it a total of 17 different languages that come out of the box. French, German, Swedish, Portuguese and Chinese to name a few. Display the widgets in your store and send emails to customers in their language for better engagement.

If you’d like to learn more about our updates, we’d love you to check out our blog.

We’ll see you soon with more updates to come!

This article was originally published by our friends at Loox.

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