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What’s New For Partners And Developers At Shopify


Happy New Year! Welcome to the 2023 edition of What’s New for Partners and Developers at Shopify. Here, we’ll continue to share important product updates and goings-on at Shopify

In this edition, learn about Commerce Components by Shopify, B2B APIs, our Liquid Prettier plugin, and more.

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Introducing: Commerce Components by Shopify

stylized graphic of color-blocked sections and the Shopify logo with the words commerce components by Shopify on the left side

Shopify has spent nearly two decades building the components that form the world’s most powerful commerce platform. Now, we’re opening those components to the biggest retailers in the world with a new offering: Commerce Components by Shopify. 

Commerce Components is a modern, composable stack that lets retailers choose the modular components they want, integrate them with their existing services, and create incredible customer experiences built for conversion. It’s designed for the unique requirements of enterprise retailers generating over $500 million USD in annual revenue. 

This is an exciting evolution in Shopify’s journey to make commerce better for everyone.

Learn more

A suite of B2B APIs is now available in stable 

illustrated flow chart of how b2b APIs work on the right and on the left are the four levels of interaction: merchant, company contact, Shopify Plus, and Apps

Build custom wholesale solutions to help Plus merchants easily scale and grow their DTC and B2B stores from one platform. It is important to ensure your current B2B apps are up to date with these new APIs. 

This release includes metafields for Company and Company Location so you can create custom data fields such as order quantity requirements. It also includes Checkout UI extensions based on B2B buyer identity, allowing you to build performant and upgrade-safe apps for B2B checkout experiences—such as hiding, reordering, or offering custom shipping and payment options using the Delivery and Payment Functions. It also supports importing non-Shopify B2B orders via REST API, automatic payment reminder emails to companies, and setting ‘due on fulfillment’ as a payment term.

To learn more about building B2B apps, visit our developer docs. 

Visit B2B docs

Delivery and payment customizations are now available in Developer Preview

The Functions APIs for delivery customizations and payment customizations are now available in a developer preview. With these new APIs you can hide, reorder, or rename delivery and payment options to help merchants increase conversions and stand out from the competition. 

To learn more about building with delivery and payment Functions, visit our developer docs.

Delivery customizations

Payment customizations

Test webhook topics and streamline webhook failure emails

screenshot of the code for a Shopify webhooks trigger

You’ll now be able to trigger a webhook test payload to a specified destination directly from the CLI. Previously, developers needed to create a dev store and manually click around with an app installed in order to test their app logic. This new feature allows you to more easily test subscriptions for each topic, so you can see what the payload will look like before your app is in production.

We’re also reducing the number of emails sent each time a webhook delivery fails. Previously, there was one email sent per attempt, which could quickly add up and become ineffective for monitoring. Now, only one email will be sent for each one-per-consecutive string of failed attempts, over a two-day period, in order to keep your inbox clean and actionable.

If you have any questions about these changes, contact Partner Support or check out the dev docs below.

Visit the docs

Quickly format your code with our new Prettier plugin

Format your code instantly with our Liquid Prettier plugin (1.0.0) for consistent code styles so you can avoid discussing styles and focus on what matters. Available both in-admin and locally in your favorite code editor.

Learn more

Shopify Community

Shopify Community is an active channel of 900,000 Shopify merchants, partners, and developers from around the world, ready to share their expertise and experiences. In this community, you can connect with your peers, get support, and engage in meaningful conversations about working with Shopify. Check it out below, and add your voice to important conversations about APIs, SDKs, Shopify Functions, Online Store 2.0, and more.

Join the discussion

Share your thoughts about monitoring and observability when hosting your app

This is your chance to help shape the future of Shopify. We’d like to understand better what you need for monitoring and observability when it comes to hosting your application. How do you know your app is healthy? And how should we alert you to potential issues? Your feedback will help shape Oxygen so it better meets your needs. This survey should take no more than 20 minutes to complete. Thanks for your time, and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

Go to survey

Schedule workflows and fetch data with Shopify Flow

We have exciting news about our ecommerce automation solution, Shopify Flow. You and your merchants can now schedule workflows to run at a specific time and date, without needing a commerce event to kick things off. You can also leverage the new ‘get data’ action to fetch specific Shopify data needed for daily reports. When combined, these new features will help your merchants solve more tasks and get more done with automation. Please note that Shopify Flow is currently only available in English.

Learn more

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This article originally appeared on the Shopify Web Design and Development blog and is made available here to educate and cast a wider net of discovery.
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