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What’s New In Nosto: Data-Driven Decision Making Made Easy With Catalog Explorer


Data-driven decision making just got a whole lot easier and faster with Nosto’s Catalog Explorer! Catalog Explorer offers a complete view of product and catalog performance, so you can grow smarter.

Decision making for merchants can be stressful: there’s either too little or too much data available, it’s usually stored in silos, and requires effort and manual manipulation to draw even the simplest conclusions. It’s especially jarring when the team’s performance is dependent and measured against the decisions made with that data: which products to restock and when, where to improve profitability with product promotions, are discounting strategies are working, as well as what to do with poor performers that are at the risk of becoming dead stock. 

Nosto’s Catalog Explorer makes product and catalog performance-based decision making easy, fast and intuitive. For merchants, more knowledge means less guess work: You can now draw solid conclusions and make confident, data-driven decisions based on your product performance, and apply those insights across your purchasing, marketing and discounting strategies.  

Working with real-time product performance data, Catalog Explorer provides a comprehensive view of a merchant’s inventory. A foundation for a successful ecommerce business, Catalog Explorer paints the merchant a vivid picture of their customers and their preferences, of the products that contribute most to business success, the products that are at risk of becoming deadstock, as well as overall catalog health.

Exploring the Explorer: Feature Capabilities

With Catalog Explorer, Nosto merchants can analyze their product inventory on a general or granular level. These insights can either be put to use within Nosto, or exported as a CSV-file and combined seamlessly with other data sources, f.ex. using Excel, Google Data Studio or Tableau. 

Merchants can review stock levels, discounts and product variants in order to inform purchasing, marketing and discounting related decisions. Catalog Explorer allows merchants to easily sort, filter and configure the product data presented, f.ex. to determine which products:

  • Are the bestsellers
  • Are the most profitable
  • Have the best conversion rate
  • Are loss leaders
  • Are discounted
  • Have inventory left and for how long
  • Have fragmented stock 
  • Have the highest or lowest estimated daily sales
  • Have inaccurate product data

On a single product level, Catalog Explorer also provides visibility to the product relationships formed within Nosto: which products were viewed, and bought together. In addition, Catalog Explorer easily exposes any issues with product data – such as metadata, images or pricing – that might impact campaign performance and customer experience.

Nosto’s Catalog Explorer is available for all Nosto customers, on all plans. Curious to learn more? Visit our Help Center for all the details.

Not using Nosto and want to learn how Catalog Explorer can provide you with insights to guide your decision making? Contact our team of ecommerce specialists to learn more

Special thanks to our friends at Nosto for their insights on this topic.
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