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What’s New In Nosto: Easily Leverage Your TikTok Brand Content Across The Customer Lifecycle Journey


With its remarkable growth and popularity, it didn’t take long for brands to recognize the immense potential of TikTok for customer acquisition, retention, and conversion. By integrating Nosto’s VUGC solution with TikTok we make it easier for brands to incorporate their TikTok content throughout the customer lifecycle journey.

Why should brands embrace TikTok content?

While other major social media platforms are experiencing slower growth, TikTok continues to thrive. Its exponential rise in popularity among Millennials and Gen Z generations, renowned for their heavy smartphone usage and trend-setting behavior, has played an instrumental role in this success. Brands targeting these demographics must align their content strategies with their customers habits and preferred platforms, making TikTok an ideal platform to connect with them. 

However, the popularity of TikTok is not the only reason brands should leverage its content. The nature of TikTok’s video format makes it incredibly powerful for engagement. Research has shown that combining user-generated videos with official brand content can boost engagement by an impressive 28%.

Leveraging your TikTok brand content made easy

If your brand is creating content for TikTok or plans to do so in the near future, it’s crucial to maximize the value of this highly engaging content across other channels. One particularly effective strategy to leverage your TikTok brand content is by incorporating it on your website. TikTok videos are short, entertaining, and visually engaging, making them ideal for enhancing the interactive experience on your website and ultimately increasing user engagement and overall site stickiness.

How to sync your TikTok brand content with Nosto?

​​With our latest integration, incorporating your TikTok brand content into Nosto’s Visual UGC solution is now easier than ever. With just one click, you can connect your TikTok account to Nosto, enabling automatic synchronization of your brand content published on TikTok with our platform. This integration allows you to effortlessly distribute your TikTok content across multiple marketing channels, such as your website and event screens.

What about TikTok UGC?

Remember the statistic mentioned earlier? Combining brand video content with user-generated videos can have a powerful impact on engagement (+28%). That’s why, besides your brand content, it’s important to leverage TikTok content created by your community. User-generated TikToks bring authenticity and evoke consumer envy, resulting in higher conversions. 

How to sync TikTok UGC with Nosto?

While TikTok doesn’t currently allow content discovery from accounts not connected to the Nosto Visual UGC platform, we provide alternative solutions for importing TikTok UGC. You can use the Visual UGC Chrome Extension for TikTok to add content into the VUGC platform. 

You can also manually create a tile within the platform to incorporate the TikTok UGC.

Managing the rights associated with this content is essential and should be approached in the same way as your other user-generated content.

Ready to get started with TikTok brand content and UGC? 

If you’re an existing Nosto client using our Visual UGC solution and want to get a better idea of how best to leverage TikTok content throughout the customer lifecycle journey, reach out to your Customer Success Manager today. 

New to Nosto or interested in Visual UGC?  Request a demo with us today.

Special thanks to our friends at Nosto for their insights on this topic.
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