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What’s New in Nosto: New Targeting Options for Advanced Segmentation

Isometric illustration of a person working on a laptop showcasing advanced segmentation options in Nosto's latest update.

Managing time and resources just got a whole lot easier with Nosto’s Scheduling feature! Schedule your content campaigns and promotions ahead of time – so you can sit back, grab a coffee and let your campaign plan run smoothly.

Competition in online retail is fierce, and is only getting tighter – especially during a time when most retailers depend on ecommerce as their main channel for revenue. Because of this, staying in sync with your customers and targeting them with the right campaigns and products at the right time is a top priority for any brand who wants to see their conversion numbers increase.

Until now, merchants have had to rely on guesswork and manual, time-consuming data analysis through one or more external analytics tools – often missing these opportunities altogether. 

The good news: Nosto’s new targeting options make these challenges a thing of the past. 

Nosto has released a bundle of enhancements and eight new customer targeting options for Segmentation & Insights which allow merchants to accommodate a variety of refined customer groups – which, until now, couldn’t be done. 

Enhance customer targeting like never before

With Nosto’s new targeting options, you can easily:

  • Cater to high-value traffic in and from your best channels: Google, Facebook, Instagram, email campaigns, and more
  • Engage and guide your customers at the right stage of their shopping journey, based on the events during their last visit (such as “Added to cart” or “Abandoned cart”)
  • Cultivate stronger customer relationships by segmenting registered, logged-in and new customers, then delivering gradual incentives 
  • Use content marketing both onsite and offsite to cater to the shopper’s interests, (for example, based on visiting specific blog posts, resources or landing pages)

You can now find the following targeting options in Nosto:

  • Abandoned cart
  • Added to cart
  • Identified by email
  • Marketing permission
  • Products viewed
  • Registered customers
  • Traffic source
  • Visited URLs

Additional improvements to segmentation rules include:

  • Referring domain and URL parameters: Multi Session segmentation
  • Exclude rule for segmentation

How to get started with Nosto’s new targeting options

The new targeting options are now available for all Nosto customers using Segmentation & Insights on all plans. The segments created with the new targeting options can be used across the Nosto platform – namely delivering more enhanced experiences through Product Recommendations, Category Merchandising, Content Personalization and Pop-ups. They can also be used for off-site marketing in external tools and integrations – in particular, ESPs, CDPs, CRMs and PIMs. 

We will continue to add more targeting options to Segmentation & Insights in the coming months to unlock even more opportunities and potential for our merchants to deliver outstanding experiences to their customers, both onsite and off-site. 

Curious to learn more? Visit our Help Center for all the details.

Not using Nosto and want to learn how Segmentation & Insights can impact the success of your next marketing campaign? Contact our team of ecommerce specialists to learn more. 

Special thanks to our friends at Nosto for their insights on this topic.
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