What’s New in Nosto: Save Time & Effort with Scheduling


Managing time and resources just got a whole lot easier with Nosto’s Scheduling feature! Schedule your content campaigns and promotions ahead of time – so you can sit back, grab a coffee and let your campaign plan run smoothly.

Scheduling promotion campaigns took some serious time and effort in the past. Each campaign had to be individually published for it to go live. Add to that different time zones merchants operate in, potentially dozens of simultaneous campaigns running on multiple website domains, campaigns that tend to start and end at midnight, plus weekends and seasonal and holiday sales where most merchants have had to manage and publish their campaigns outside their normal working hours.

With Nosto’s Scheduling feature, this laundry list of pain points is a thing of the past. Save time and effort by automating the launch of your promotions campaigns, giving you more time to focus on other activities that will truly move the needle.

Schedule your next content campaign with ease

When creating your content campaign, you can easily define:

  • Duration: Start and end-date – or no end date
  • Time: Start and end time by hour and minute
  • Weekdays and time slots: Days and times you want the campaign to be visible
  • Time zone: For your global customers

This long requested feature could not come at a better time. As we enter the busiest time of the year with Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas shopping, the ecommerce manager’s to-do list keeps getting longer and longer. By automating the launch of your seasonal sales campaigns, you can focus on other key activities while making the most of your existing campaigns.

After you’re done setting your campaign, they will automatically go online at the designated time. Why not check it out right away and schedule your next campaign?

The Scheduling feature is available for all customers using Product Recommendations and Content Personalization on all plans. Curious to learn more? Visit our Help Center for all the details.

Not using Nosto and want to learn how Scheduling can impact the success of your next content campaign? Contact our team of ecommerce specialists to learn more.

This article originally appeared by our friends at Nosto.

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