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What’s The Right Volume Of Reviews To Collect?


The quantity of reviews available for a given product matters to shoppers. But what number should you aim for, and how does review volume impact conversion?

Reviews drive more shoppers to your site

Drive more traffic to your product pages by increasing review volume.

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Analysis based on an illustrative sample of 8,841,414 Product Display Pages (PDPs) – which accounts for 27,702,856,033 page visits in total. Review volume data correct as at August 11, 2022.

If there are no ratings and reviews for a product, who would be less likely to buy it?

More reviews = more buyer confidence

Is review volume more important to shoppers when purchasing from a new-to-them brand or product?

25 reviews per product is the bare minimum

More than half of customers require 25+ reviews to feel comfortable making a purchase.

Minimum Review Volumes Required To Make a Purchase

What is the MINIMUM number of reviews a product needs to have for you to feel comfortable purchasing it?

Minimum Review Volumes Required To Make a Purchase

Consumers have high expectations–meeting them pays off

Conversion lift relative to number of reviews displayed

Conversion Lift Relative to Number of Reviews Displayed

101-250 Reviews Displayed

251-500 Reviews Displayed

501-1000 Reviews Displayed

1001-5000 Reviews Displayed

Bottom line: Review volume is one of the top factors shoppers consider when reading reviews, second only to star rating. There’s no magic number, but typically the more reviews the merrier.

Three ways you can increase review quantity without sacrificing quality:

Make it a priority to collect a high volume of reviews for the products in your catalog, and if you are a brand, leverage syndication networks to share natively collected reviews with retail partners.

To avoid launching a product without reviews, run a pre-launch product sampling campaign which involves distributing samples prior to launch, and then asking consumers to share their feedback by writing a review.

While email is the most common review collection method, there are others. Asking for reviews via text message and on store receipts are two such examples. Are you maximizing your opportunities to ask for reviews?

Special thanks to our friends at PowerReviews for their insights on this topic.
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