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When And How To Start Marketing A Seasonal Business?

Starting a seasonal business can be challenging due to its advantages and disadvantages.

Observing your customers eagerly waiting for your product or service during the busiest season is a satisfying feeling, and it reflects the success of your business. At such times, sales and customer engagement increase, which boosts your confidence. However, as the off-season approaches, you may experience disappointment due to the need for a steady income stream.

There is always a good side to a bad thing. You can benefit from having a seasonal business because you can thrive and improve your marketing efforts for better outcomes during the off-season. If you make your off-season days productive, you can grow your business all year round by preparing and applying the best marketing strategies. 

What Are the Advantages of a Seasonal Business?

Before discussing ways to market your seasonal business and keep customers engaged, let’s consider the positive aspects of a seasonal business.  

More relaxed – During the breaks, you can enjoy your days with your loved ones or do whatever you want without stress. You have freedom because you can travel and spend time with your friends and family. 

More time You have more time to concentrate on strategies and marketing ideas to grow your business and improve your budgets before the busy season. Also, you can narrow down your target audience during the off-season to improve your outreach efforts. And you have an opportunity to use new strategies for better outcomes. For example, you can plan steps to increase your brand awareness by opting for public relations services for the start of your peak season. 

Higher efficiency—As a seasonal business owner, you can hire seasonal workers and not pay them during the off-season. 

Seven Ways To Market a Seasonal Business

Now, it’s time to understand how you can benefit from the seasonal business “disadvantages” that can become your advantages. Here are seven ways to use the off-season to boost your business and keep your customers engaged.

Ask Customers For Feedback and Review

The off-season gives you time to communicate with your customers and ask them to provide feedback before the high season. The questions that you may ask your clients are: 

  • What products and services do you like in our business?
  • What would you like to change about our services?
  • Are there any other services you want our company to provide?

This communication can help you improve and thrive in your business marketing strategies. You can even email them a survey for efficiency, and the data will be easily collected. 

Moreover, Asking your customers to leave reviews of your business using your social media platforms is beneficial. Many customers don’t even purchase your product before checking your company’s reviews. If asked, 68% of customers will agree to leave a review. 

The most crucial part is that after their feedback, you must not ignore their opinions. Instead, take into account all of their comments. That way, you can show that you care about their opinion and want them to have the best experience with your business services. 

Offer Off-season Discounts  

After the peak season, you will likely have dips in revenue. An excellent way to increase your income and keep your customers engaged is by offering them off-season discounts. 

By offering a one-day sale, you can attract your clients and get an immediate purchase. Also, you can reach your existing customers and offer special packages and complimentary services for the upcoming season.  

Boost Your Content Marketing 

You don’t have to reduce your online presence on social media platforms and your website during the off-season. This season is a perfect time for keeping your customers engaged through social media posts, blog posts, and email campaigns. You can build your credibility and increase your brand awareness by sharing quality content. Being active on social media will remind your customers about your business and make them wait for the peak season, helping you stay on their radar. You will make them believe that you lead in your industry. 

Moreover, in those times, you can plan your content calendar for the posts during the peak seasons, saving time and energy.

Additionally, stay in touch with your customers through email marketing, sending them emails to promote off-season deals and prepare them for the peak season. 

Encourage Early Payment Deals

Your off-season gives you time to promote early payment deals. You can offer discounts for those who pay early for the peak season. For example, if your business provides summer school starting in June, you can offer discounts to those who sign up in March. 

Organize a Contest

Connect your customers with your services and products by hosting contests or giveaways. All people love to win something for free. You keep your customers engaged through contests and giveaways. 

You should think of what kind of content you want to host and which social platforms you’ll use, and you should set a deadline. Creating a branded hashtag for the contest is essential to boost brand recognition, customer engagement, and conversion rates. Make the giveaway as simple as possible and notify all participants once you have the winner. In this way, you’ll generate leads for the peak season. 

Get Referrals

Connect with your loyal customers and ask them to refer your products or services to their friends or family members and the ones who’ll be interested. Reward those who will bring new customers to your business by offering a discount coupon or gift cards. In this way, you will promote word of mouth and generate new leads. 

Offer a New Product

Considering your customers’ feedback, offer a new or off-season product or service. For example, if your business is an ice cream or ice drinks store, you can earn income by offering new products such as hot tea or coffee during cold seasons. If you take your customers’ feedback and make it real, your clients will be more inclined to purchase from your services. 

If you don’t improve your marketing strategy, you cannot increase conversion rates, will lose the competition, and have a decreased income. 

Marketing During Peak Season

Here are some basic strategies that you can implement during high season:

  • Have your branded hashtag for your contests and social media campaigns. You can increase your brand visibility and conversion rates. 
  • Separate and promote your bestsellers on social media platforms to boost sales. 
  • Find influencers to promote your business services. 
  • Sponsor an event to increase your brand visibility. 
  • Increase your social media presence by shooting videos and writing SEO-friendly posts. 
  • Collaborate with charity organizations and help your customers contribute to helping others. In that way, they will feel satisfied and happy. 
  • Set deadlines for the products you offer. This will encourage them to purchase your services. 

Now you know all the essential strategies for boosting your seasonal business before the peak season. Apply them in your marketing campaigns to grow your seasonal business. 

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