Where And How To Sell Feet Pics Online: A Comprehensive Guide For Profitable Sales

Selling feet pics online for money can be done on platforms like FeetFinder, Etsy, and social media platforms where buyers exist.

It's about maintaining the quality, setting the right price, marketing your photos, and ensuring you adhere to legalities and safety measures such as keeping your identity private and having an 18+ age restriction.

Are you curious about making extra cash with something as quirky as selling feet pictures online?

Believe it or not, it's a real thing and potentially profitable!

In this article, we'll dig into:

  • Who's actually buying these feet pictures, and why?
  • How to get started with selling feet pics online?
  • The top 21 places to sell your feet pictures
  • Tons of tips and tricks to succeed in this unique online venture

Stay tuned to kickstart your feet pic-selling journey!

The Demand For Feet Pics

You might be surprised to learn that the demand for feet pictures online is larger and more diverse than expected. Here's an overview of where this demand comes from:

  • Individuals with foot fetishes: Despite this being an obvious group, their demand is still significant, which can't be easily ignored.
  • Stock photo websites: These platforms always need fresh content, and feet pictures can be a popular request, especially for health and beauty companies or advertisements.
  • Marketing and modeling agencies: These industries often require feet photos to promote various products, including footwear, nail polish, and more.
  • Footwear brands: Places that sell shoes, sandals, and so much more could need your feet to showcase their products!

The Various Buyers

So, we've seen people intentionally searching for feet pics. But there's more to the market:

  • Buyers can be anyone from individual customers to large corporations. The demand depends on the specific needs and projects.
  • Some customers prefer artistic photos, while others want natural, unedited pictures. Understanding your customers can help you cater your catalog to their needs.

Turning Foot Pictures into Profit

Yes, you heard that right. You can make money by selling feet pictures online. But here's what you should know:

  • While the market can provide a decent income, treat it as a business if you want to succeed.
  • Be ready to work hard, from taking high-quality pictures and managing your profiles to marketing your services online.

Now that you have grasped the depth of the demand let's proceed to see how you jump into this peculiar yet profitable venture.

Getting Started

Selling foot pictures online isn't just about snapping and uploading a quick picture online. Here's a detailed guide to get you started with the whole process, from taking the perfect photo to setting up your selling profiles.

How to Take Feet Pictures

Here are some tips on how to take high-quality pictures of your feet that will appeal to potential buyers:

  • Equipment: You don't need a professional camera to start. Your smartphone camera is more than capable. Ensure it's clean and has a decent megapixel count for clear photos.
  • Lighting: Good lighting can make a huge difference. Natural light is best. Always shoot in a well-lit room or outside in daylight.
  • Poses and Background: Get creative with different poses and backgrounds. Make sure they're clean, straightforward, and non-distracting for the audience.
  • Variety: Provide several perspectives. Take close-up shots, full-length shots, and pictures from different angles.
  • Hygiene and Appearance: Your feet need to look appealing. Keep them clean, well-moisturized, and well-manicured.

Setting Up Profiles

After taking appealing photos, the next step is setting up your online profiles where you'll sell your photos. Here's how to do it:

  • Choose Your Platform: Decide which sites to list your foot pictures. These could be stock photo websites, social media platforms, or specific feet-selling websites.
  • Create a Professional Profile: Your profile should look professional and appealing to potential buyers. Fill in all the necessary information, and be clear about your offering.
  • Privacy: Keep your personal details private. Where possible, use a pseudonym instead of your real name.
  • Clear Photo Descriptions: When uploading your photos, provide a clear description and use appropriate tags that match your picture.

Once you have taken quality photos and set up your selling profiles, you can start selling your feet pics online. The next section will cover the 21 best places to sell your feet pics, so stay tuned.

Best Places to Sell Your Feet Pics

1. Instagram: Instagram is a massive social media platform where users share photos and videos. For those looking to sell feet pics, it offers an astonishing opportunity to showcase your content and attract potential buyers. Create a dedicated account, post high-quality images, and use relevant hashtags to increase visibility. Engage with your followers and offer deals to those interested in purchasing.

2. X (Twitter): X is another social media giant where you can promote and sell feet pics. With its extensive user base, you can tweet images, interact with potential buyers, and set up sales through direct messages. Ensure your profile is set up professionally, and always maintain confidentiality with your buyers.

3. Facebook: Facebook allows users to create pages or groups dedicated to selling feet pics. By joining feet pic selling groups or creating your own, you can tap into a community of interested buyers. Always ensure you follow group rules and offer quality content to stand out.

4. TikTok: This video-sharing platform is incredibly popular among younger audiences. You can attract potential buyers by creating short, engaging videos showcasing your feet. TikTok's algorithm promotes content that receives good engagement, so ensure your videos are captivating.

5. OnlyFans: OnlyFans is a lucrative platform where content creators can sell photos and videos to subscribers. Setting up an account is straightforward, and you can set your subscription rates. Its adult-oriented nature makes it perfect for selling feet pics and ensuring payment security.

6. FeetFinder: Specifically designed for selling feet pics, FeetFinder is a platform where sellers can upload content and connect with buyers. The site promotes safety and ensures sellers receive their payments. It's an obvious choice for those serious about selling feet pics.

7. Instafeet: Like FeetFinder, Instafeet is a platform dedicated to feet enthusiasts. Sellers can create profiles, upload content, and set their prices. With its massive user base, it offers a lucrative opportunity for sellers.

8. Kik: Kik is a messaging app where users can sell feet pics through private chats. It's essential to be cautious and ensure you're interacting with genuine buyers. Always prioritize your safety and avoid sharing personal information.

9. Whisper: Whisper is an unconventional platform where users share secrets and confessions. You can use it to promote your feet pics and connect with potential buyers anonymously.

10. Dollar Feet: Dollar Feet is a platform where sellers can upload videos of their feet and earn money. The site has specific requirements for the videos, so ensure you meet their standards for maximum profits.

11. Feetify: Feetify is a community for feet lovers. Sellers can create profiles, showcase their content, and interact with buyers. The platform also offers contests where sellers can earn extra cash.

12. Craigslist: While Craigslist is primarily a classified ads platform, it can be used to sell feet pics. Always be cautious, ensure face-to-face meetings are in public places, and prioritize your safety.

13. eBay: Surprisingly, eBay can be used to sell digital feet pics. Ensure your listings are clear about what buyers will receive, and always follow eBay's terms of service.

14. Shutterstock: Shutterstock is a stock photo website where you can sell high-quality feet pics. Ensure your images meet their quality standards and are free from watermarks.

15. Adobe Stock: Similar to Shutterstock, Adobe Stock allows photographers to sell their images. High-quality feet pics can be uploaded and sold to a global audience.

16. Getty Images: Getty Images is a premium stock photo platform. If your feet pics are exceptional, you can earn significant profits here.

17. iStock: Owned by Getty Images, iStock is another platform to sell feet pics. Ensure your images are high-resolution and meet their quality criteria.

18. Dreamstime: Dreamstime is a stock photo platform where photographers can sell their images. Feet pics can be uploaded and sold to buyers looking for specific content.

19. 123RF: 123RF is a stock photo website with a vast user base. Selling feet pics here can be lucrative if they are of high quality and meet the site's requirements.

20. Alamy: Alamy offers photographers a platform to sell their images. With its extensive reach, selling feet pics can be profitable.

21. Can Stock Photo: Can Stock Photo is another stock photo platform where you can sell feet pics. Ensure your images are of high quality and adhere to the site's guidelines.

Stock Photo Websites

These websites house various images for various themes, including feet pics. Here are some options:

  • Shutterstock: Renowned for a massive database of photos and graphics. It accepts a wide array of images, including feet pics.
  • Adobe Stock: Linked with Adobe software, this platform lets you earn a good commission when your photos sell.
  • iStock: A platform where you can list your photos and earn royalties each time a client downloads them.

Social Media Platforms

Most people are already familiar with these platforms, which makes them easy to use for selling:

  • Instagram: Create a separate, professional handle for your feet pics business and use relevant hashtags to draw potential customers.
  • Twitter: Connect with potential buyers by tweeting samples of your feet pics with relevant hashtags.
  • Snapchat: Leverage Snapchat's “Premium” feature, where you can share exclusive content (like your feet pics) for money.

Online Marketplaces

These are platforms explicitly created for buying and selling a variety of goods:

  • eBay: One of the largest online marketplaces where you can list your feet pics for sale.
  • Etsy: Known for handmade and vintage items, this platform also allows for selling unique personal photos.

Feet Pic Selling Websites

These are platforms specifically dedicated to selling feet pics. Be careful to review their policies before signing up:

  • FeetFinder: A reliable site dedicated exclusively to buying and selling feet pictures.
  • DollarFeet: Another exclusive platform that buys feet videos from you and sells them to their audience.
  • Instafeet: An exclusive website for selling feet pictures. Create an account, post your pictures, and get paid.


There are other miscellaneous platforms where you can sell feet pictures:

  • Whisper: An anonymous social network where people often make feet pic requests.
  • Craigslist: A popular classified advertisement website where you can list your foot pictures under the right categories.

Now that you know where to sell your feet pics, let's move to the next section, discussing tips and tricks to maximize your selling potential.

Tips and Tricks

Successfully selling your feet pictures online is more than just taking and posting photos. Here are some additional insights and advice on selling efficiently and safely:

Ensuring Privacy and Safety

While the internet offers countless opportunities for making money, it also carries potential risks. Make sure you're protecting your privacy and safety when selling feet pics. Here's how:

  • Avoid Personal Details: Never share sensitive personal information like your identity number, home address, bank details, or real name.
  • Be Cautious: Be careful about who you communicate with. Not every ‘buyer' has good intentions.
  • Report Suspicious Behavior: Learn how to recognize scams or inappropriate behavior, and don't hesitate to report such users to the platform's management.

Pricing Your Feet Pictures

Pricing can be a tricky part of the process. Here are some tips on how to appropriately price your photos:

  • Research: Look at how others in the same niche price their feet pics. Never underprice your pictures; it undermines your work.
  • Pricing Factors: Elements like the uniqueness of your feet, the quality of your pictures, and your popularity should be factors in your price.
  • Be Flexible: Avoid drastic deductions but be open to negotiating with potential buyers.

By following these tactics, not only will you enhance your selling potential, but you'll also ensure a safe experience when selling feet pics online. Let's now answer some frequently asked questions about selling feet pics online.


This article has provided thorough insight into selling feet pictures for-profit online, showcasing the surprising demand and various parties interested in such pictures.

In conclusion, here are the key things you've learned:

  • Selling feet pictures online is a legitimate way to earn money, despite the oddity of the concept.
  • Potential buyers exist, from individuals with foot fetishes to stock photo websites, marketing agencies, modeling agencies, and footwear brands.
  • Great feet pictures are a product of good photography techniques and setups.
  • Setting up profiles is essential on relevant sites to showcase and sell your feet pics.
  • 21 recommended platforms have been provided to sell your feet pictures online effectively.
  • Tips and precautions to ensure your safety, privacy, and pricing have been addressed.

With this knowledge, you're better equipped to navigate the potentially lucrative industry of selling feet pics online. Whether you're looking to make a bit of side income or plunge into this venture full-time, the pointers shared in this guide should give you a solid start. Remember to remain vigilant about safety and privacy, and take time to understand the market and its players. Here's to a successful feet-selling journey!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it safe to sell feet pics online?

While it is relatively safe to sell feet pics online, you should always prioritize your privacy and safety. Ensure the platforms you use are reputable, never give out personal information unnecessarily, and consider using a pseudonym to protect your identity.

How much can I charge for my foot pictures?

The price of foot pictures can vary greatly depending on factors such as the image quality, exclusivity, buyer preferences, and the platform used for selling. Generally, prices can range anywhere from $5 to hundreds of dollars per picture.

Do I need professional photography equipment to take foot pictures?

While professional equipment may enhance the quality of your pics, it's not necessary to get started. You can take decent foot photos with good natural lighting and a decent smartphone camera.

Do I need to have ‘beautiful’ feet to sell foot pics?

Not necessarily. Beauty is subjective, and while some buyers may have specific preferences, there is no fixed standard for what constitutes ‘beautiful' feet. Different buyers have different preferences, and there's likely a market out there that will appreciate your feet as they are.

Where can I sell my feet pics?

There are numerous platforms to sell feet pics, including established stock photo websites, dedicated feet picture marketplaces, social media, and freelance sites. This article highlighted 21 of the best places to sell feet pics. Always research and decide which platform suits your needs.

Can I sell feet pics without revealing my identity?

Yes, it's possible to sell feet pics without revealing your identity. Many platforms allow you to use pseudonyms, and you should always avoid sharing personal information unnecessarily. Always prioritize your safety and privacy.

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