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Which Countries Have 50% Of All Ecommerce Products On Sale? – Ranked By Country

Discount volumes in global eCommerce 2022

Over 50% of all eCommerce products in Finland, Italy and Spain are on sale – says DataFeedWatch by November report. The United Arab Emirates and New Zealand follow the leaders closely with over 40% products on sale. The common denominator? High product availability.

Volumes of products discounted
Global eCommerce discounts volumes

The global average “products out of stock vs. all products” ratio in early November 2022 was 15.63%, meaning roughly 15% of all eCommerce products were unavailable. Last April, according to the Feed Marketing Report 2022, it was at 16.66%. That’s only a slight difference in product availability on a global scale, but we’re seeing significant fluctuations within particular countries and industries.   

Availability drive discounts

“Analyzing global eCommerce data, based on over 14,000 online stores from over 60 countries, we discovered a direct correlation between availability and discounts. In short: product availability drives sales. Lack of it causes discounts to diminish”, points Jacques van der Wilt, General Manager of Feed Marketing at

This was especially true for the automotive market during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, product availability is affecting other product categories, as well as entire countries, and their ability to offer discounts, according to a report by DataFeedWatch by 

Country statistics – out of stock.

The top 5 countries with the highest ratio of product discounts are Finland, Italy, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, and New Zealand. They are also the top 5 countries with the highest product availability in the world. It’s not a coincidence; it’s the pattern.

eCommerce out of stock statistics
eCommerce out-of-stock statistics

“We monitor eCommerce markets and sectors based on real empirical data from our system and clients,” says Jacques van der Wilt, General Manager of Feed Marketing at

“Since the samples are substantial – they come from at least 14,000 online stores – the data can be used to create market benchmarks and actionable insights for eCommerce specialists. We predominantly focus on equipping merchants, retailers, and PPC managers with the knowledge, so they can apply the best strategies for their clients and prospects”, explains the DataFeedWatch expert. 

The lowest ratio of discounted products to all products available for sale is in the French eCommerce business sector – just 10.49%. It is no surprise that France, with 37.7% of products out of stock, is the leader in the out-of-stock category among over 60 countries analyzed by DataFeedWatch. 

Is product availability growing worldwide? 

It is, by a hair. The global average of out-of-stock products moved from 83.34% in April 2022 to 84.27% in November. A reduction of less than 1% in 6 months is enough to drive a 3.39% change in online discounted products. Feed Marketing Report 2022 shows 26.49% of products on sale in April and 29.88% in November. 

Comparing eCommerce data from Feed Marketing Report 2022 (collected in March and April) with data pulled from the same sample group of over 14,000 online stores in November, we’re seeing changes in availability across different countries. Still, we cannot conclusively state global product availability is growing or diminishing in most countries as a pattern. 

Some fluctuations are radical at both ends of the out-of-stock scale. The two most striking examples of improved product availability are Switzerland – 25.2% of products out of stock in April, 8.35% in November, and Finland – 18.84% in April and 4.68% in November. LATAM countries also improved their out-of-stock parameters, from 34.96% to 24.76%. 

Product availability deteriorated significantly in Ireland, with 26.57% of products out of stock back in April, to the world’s highest in November (43.8%). A substantial and disparaging shift is also evident in Norway: 9.85% to 15.63%; in this case, the Norwegian eCommerce sector remains stable. 

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