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Which Windows To Replace First? Prioritizing Your Upgrades

A potted plant rests on a table near a window.

Homeowners always try to save costs by planning their finances and prioritizing repairs or replacements.

While this is an excellent way to keep your home in top shape, sometimes, you need help figuring out what to do first and how to order those repairs. 

In the case of an Austin window replacement, it may take more work to decide which one takes the top spot and how to order the repairs or replacements based on available cash flow. This article demystifies your concern and will help you set a clear plan and path for replacing your home's windows.

Start with the Obvious Ones

A home's value is intricately tied to its impression, appearance, and appeal, with house window types playing a pivotal role in this perception. Not only do various house window types enhance aesthetic allure, but they also significantly influence your home's security by potentially deterring break-ins based on how impenetrable they appear to be.

As a homeowner who would rather not deal with theft and burglary, starting your window replacement project with the apparent windows that have been impacted by age, wear and tear, or other damages is best.

Doing this can help your home maintain its appearance and appeal while strengthening your security and peace of mind.

High-Traffic Areas

The high-traffic areas in your home are just as important as the visible areas. It's even more critical if there's a crossover between high traffic and visible regions, further stressing the need to prioritize those windows and get them fixed or replaced as quickly as possible.

Some of your home's high-traffic and sometimes visible areas include the bedrooms, kitchen, living room, and bathroom. If you spend a lot of time in any room or enjoy the privacy of it, then its windows should be prioritized.

Contribution to Energy Efficiency

You're likely aiming toward an energy-efficient home with your next set of window installations. This is interesting and should also influence how you replace your windows.

For example, if your basement is rarely used, you can keep it at the bottom of the list while you address more critical areas like the living room and bedroom.

For example, you can use seasonality to gauge which windows to replace first. Lower windows (duplex) or front-facing windows (bungalows) should be replaced first during winter as they are more prone to cold air blasts. In summer, upper windows (in duplex) should be replaced first as the air is often warmer as the height rises.

Regarding energy efficiency, you can also prioritize window replacements based on the condition and type of each window. Badly damaged or oldest windows should be replaced first while others should follow.

Safety and Security

Your home's safety and security become compromised when your windows are removed with no solution. It makes your property an easy target for thieves and unscrupulous individuals. 

You can further boost your home's security and inhabitant's safety by replacing cracked, broken, or damaged windows before addressing whole windows requiring replacement due to age or loss of energy efficiency.

Another way to boost your home security is by utilizing a home security camera app. This tool helps you keep an eye on your property, even when you're away. With features like real-time video monitoring, unlimited reach and remote access, motion detection, smart notifications, and night vision, you can ensure your home's safety and deter potential threats more effectively.

Noise Reduction

Do you live in an urban setting? Is a part of your home closer to the road affecting your ability to sleep and concentrate? That's the best place to start your window replacement project.

Could you map out the areas of your home facing the most significant noise pollution source? It helps if you choose a double or triple-pane window as they have a higher noise insulation property. It'll also contribute to your overall energy efficiency.


Windows requiring the highest maintenance or those most exposed to weather elements can be replaced first to improve your home's appeal and energy efficiency. For example, higher story windows should be replaced first in a duplex because they are most exposed to sun, UV rays, and rain impact.  

UV Protection

There's no wrong way to order your window replacement. However, there are better ways to help improve functionality and performance. For example, replacing windows where your home is most exposed to the sun and UV rays first is always a good idea because such areas are likely to have been more exposed to wear and tear.

By replacing such windows, you add an extra layer of protection to your home while you plan your finances for additional window replacement. The added protection from UV rays can further drive down your energy costs, improve your energy use efficiency, and save costs that could contribute favorably to completing the project.


Older windows might need to meet modern standards regarding insulation, energy efficiency, and durability. Consider replacing your windows with newer, more advanced models if they are ancient relics. New windows will give your home a boost in both style and performance.

Please look at the respective state of windows in every part of your home to determine which ones to prioritize during replacement.

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