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Who Are Your Discount Buyers?


❓ We use a large number of discounts and we are trying to understand: do we have customers that only buy when there’s a promo?

💡 How to use Segments to answer this question:

a. Create a segment of customers who made a purchase using any discount:

1. Open the Segments app and go to Segment Builder.

2. Click on add filter and select Discount code = not empty.

3. Click on Apply filters.

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4. Review the metrics for this segment and click on save segment.

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b. Go one step further and review which customers didn’t use any discount (full price):

1. Open the Segment Builder.

2. Click on add filter and select Discount code = empty.

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Note: It’s possible that they still bought on discount but not using any promo codes, for example, if you make a store-level sale and everything was discounted.

3. Click on Apply filters.

4. Review the metrics for this segment and click on save segment.

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🤔 What to do with this data?

  • Email / SMS marketingsync your discount buyers to your chosen email / SMS platform and split test different sale-based messaging and early access to new collections (full price only).

    Why? Because showcasing early access to new collections could push the customer over to purchasing full price.
  • Advertising – sync your discount buyers to Facebook Ads → create LAL audiences → target with lead gen ads with creative showcasing early access to sales.

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