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Why Brand Ambassadors Are Such A Powerful Marketing Tool

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Brand ambassadors are more than just a pretty face for your brand. They are the human façade of your brand messaging and they provide a semblance of authenticity to your brand identity.

Without them, you would have a hard time connecting with your audience or potential customers.

So if you are still second-guessing why you should hire brand ambassadors, then here are the top reasons why they are such a powerful marketing tool for your business.

Your Brand’s Human Façade

Every marketer knows that for content to make an impact, it needs to be moving or at least relatable.

Simply publishing or repeating your brand message is not going to make an impact on your audience. For it to be effective, you need a vessel or medium or someone who has enough authority to echo your message and paint your brand in a more positive light.

Even though your brand has managed to gain some sense of authority and credibility in the industry, customers would still rather hear from someone they can trust or relate to. And that is where brand ambassadors come into play.

They give your brand a human façade and they make your message more believable. Your brand message would have a much better ring to it if it comes from someone with enough authority in the industry.

For example, if you are promoting a skincare product, then customers would prefer to hear it from a skincare guru, influencer, or an expert rather than your executives or CEO.

When they talk about your brand with their friends and close circles, they would not talk about what your executives said about your brand. Instead, they are likely to start the conversation and say something along the lines of “did you see this new skincare product that *insert influencer name* were used in her IG stories?”

Rather than talk about something abstract like “this brand is a great moisturizer” or “this brand makes your skin look plump,” customers can now easily picture your brand as well as its benefits thanks to your brand ambassador. With that, they would instead say “her skin looks great, I wonder what she’s using?” or “I heard she uses this brand as her moisturizer.”

This, in turn, moves the conversation along and makes the brand easier to talk about among friends. Since they already know who the influencer is, they all have a point of reference and they can all picture the brand benefits through your ambassador.

Tap Other Markets

One of the best things that makes a brand ambassador a powerful tool is that they can help you tap into other markets you have not explored before. It is also one of the reasons why many startups often turn to them for help.

Before you hire them, many brand ambassadors have already made a name for themselves. This means that they are already part of a community and have also managed to gain a long list of followers along the way.

When you sign a contract deal with them, you now have access to these communities as well as their long list of followers. So even though their followers are beyond your initial target reach, you can now tap into these markets and increase exposure for your brand.

As for startups, many hire brand ambassadors for lead generation and for convenience. Since brand ambassadors already have a massive following, it would be much easier for their brand to gain exposure and garner more leads for their succeeding campaigns.

Some startups also hire brand ambassadors for convenience so they can focus on the other aspects of the business to hit the ground running. Remember that apart from brand building, businesses who are new in the industry still have other things to do and other aspects to direct their resources on.

With the help of brand ambassadors, these startups no longer have to entirely build their brand reputation from scratch. They can simply piggyback on these brand ambassadors’ popularity and credibility.

Other than that, the brand ambassador agency also provides staffing and team. So if you ever need to host a launching event, you can simply tap on their agency for assistance.

Improve your business reputation

Apart from the popular ambassadors that we discussed above, there are also influential ambassadors that are not popular but are still powerful enough to persuade your target audience.

Keep in mind that the main goal of a brand ambassador is to paint your brand in a more positive light and make people interested in what you have to offer. Besides your products, your business also offers employment, partnership, affiliates, and many more. These are the things that drive sales up and keep your business afloat.

So apart from marketing your products and services, you need to improve your business reputation as well in order to encourage more people to apply, collaborate, and work with your company. Doing this would not only drive your sales up but it would also keep your business running smoothly.

It would be much easier to launch a PR and marketing campaign for your brand if you have a great team working with you and supportive partners who are always there to assist you. That said, hiring influential ambassadors who would rally for your brand, advocate for your products, and spread positive words about your company is a great way to improve your business reputation.

Great for Niche Marketing

Besides improving your business reputation, these influential but not-so-popular ambassadors are also great for niche and community marketing as well.

If you are a small business in a quaint small town, then hiring an influencer with millions of followers would only put a hole in your pocket. That is why it is okay for small businesses to hire brand ambassadors even though they are not that famous.

Given that their target market is not that vast, they are simply hiring brand ambassadors for the benefits and convenience they provide.

For example, small businesses tend to host small events and in-store demos every once in a while. Since hiring a mainstay event team can be costly, hiring brand ambassadors from an agency are sometimes the best option because they are more affordable and much more effective. Other than that, ambassadors from a brand agency have handled several events before. Because of this, they already know how to handle and organize your event without any problem.

With that, the key thing to remember here is that brand ambassadors are not just artists and influencers. They can be ordinary people as well. Even though they do not have the same popularity as influencers, they are still reliable and effective in your overall PR and marketing campaign.

Turn Potential Customers into Buying Customers

Sometimes, all your customers need is a little push to buy your products. And sometimes, that little push can come from your brand ambassadors.

Let us say your brand awareness has been effective so far and more people are now interested in your products. However, when you look at your sales, there is no improvement and you are still right where you started.

What should you do? You can ramp up your brand awareness campaign or you can just hire someone who can vouch for the authenticity and effectiveness of your products.

Since the former proves to be effective but is not necessarily converting customers, you can instead opt for the latter and just hire a brand ambassador to solve this problem.

Customers are already interested in your brand but the problem is they are still second-guessing whether it is worth their money or not. So rather than waste your resources on another brand awareness campaign, you can instead hire brand ambassadors who would convince and persuade these people to buy your products.

Since brand ambassadors are customer-facing and they have a much deeper connection with your customers, everything they say would sound more credible, reliable, and trustworthy.

There are a lot of ways in which a brand ambassador can successfully persuade a customer. They can subtly promote your product on their social media account, directly persuade customers to buy your product in an in-store demo, or publish their own reviews about your products online.

You just need to find the perfect strategy that would push these customers into finally availing of your products or services. Afterward, the brand ambassadors would handle the rest. Since their role is mostly customer-facing, they would be the ones who would represent and advocate for your brand in front of these potential customers.


Brand ambassadors, whether they are famous or not, are a powerful tool for your business. They not only enhance your brand awareness and drive more sales to your product, but they also help improve your company’s standing and reputation.

They provide a refreshing and relatable take on your brand messaging which enables customers to perceive your brand more positively.

All in all, they help you connect and build a better relationship with your brand and potential customers.

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