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Why Content Creators Make Great Social Media Managers for Brands

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Anyone with a smartphone and internet connection can become an internet sensation overnight. While not a new trend, social media content creators are blurring the line between brands, media powerhouses and marketers. 

As brands look to adopt new models for engaging their audiences, creators become increasingly viable candidates for social media managers. But can that experience truly translate from individual to brand presence? Although not a direct translation, brands should consider these lessons from their community of creators when making new headcount choices.

Content Creators Know And Understand Their Audience

The content that agencies produce may sometimes look and feel insincere, and it cannot reach the hearts and minds of the audience the way individual creators can.

Good communication skills are among creators’ strongest assets! 

Not only do viral creators know who they wish to reach with their work — they know how to speak to the people as well. They form quite an emotional bond with their social media followers and have the ability to persuade them.

This goes beyond knowing what people like to buy: a good creator will know what makes their audience laugh, what infuriates them, what makes them engage and share the content. 

Having a seasoned social media creator in your office can elevate the whole team! There’s a lot to learn from them, especially regarding the authentic human interaction with your clients and potential customers. 

Content Creators Possess Necessary Technical Knowledge

Let’s look at a content creator who, for example, creates the most appetizing, amazing looking food photography for Instagram.

To create a perfect dinner image, they would need to know:

  • What kind of camera and additional equipment works the best for food photography
  • How to set up the lightning that’s not too warm or too cool — in studio conditions
  • How to capture the movement and fine, elusive details such as steam and smoke
  • Color theory: what looks attractive in and around the plate
  • How to style and arrange food
  • What food substitutes to use for food photography (don’t get too hyped about that perfectly fluffy whipped cream, it’s probably just shaving foam)
  • Which picture editing software to pick

The list could go on, but you get the picture: content creators need to know a lot to produce pictures, videos, images and/or articles on their own.

If they’re already established and their work has gone viral, you can rest assured that they’ve honed their skills! You can save some time and money by not having to onboard them. 

Moreover, they can introduce you to some cheap or free tool alternatives they are used to, as well as valuable industry contacts and tried and true practices you might not know about.

Content Creators Know What The Whole Process Looks Like

It’s not easy being a full-service social media team in one — but they know how to do it.

From brainstorming to execution, editing, social media analytics, posting at the perfect time and place for a select audience, to the feedback: viral creators know how to do it all. This is what makes them great potential team leaders, provided that they also have good leadership skills. They can oversee the process behind brand projects and provide creative and other types of direction. In addition to that, they know how much needs to be invested and what kind of resources are necessary. 

Content Creators Are Independent In Their Work

There’s no need to micromanage social media managers if you’ve picked them from a selection of viral creators.

As they started and grew their career on their own, they probably already have a pretty efficient system that works for them. Sure, adjusting to a different professional environment will be a necessary step because they will have to work within a  team — but you won’t have to worry about directing them through each step.

The ability to work and make decisions independently is especially important for a fast-paced environment. It will streamline and speed up the workflow, and lift a substantial share of operational weight off your shoulders. 

When assessing the potential social media manager, look for these:

  • Excellent research skills
  • Efficient time-management skills
  • Having the creativity needed to quickly come up with a plan B 
  • A goal-oriented person focused on specific company objectives

Content Creators Know How To Work With A Limited Budget

Imagine having to do all the agency work with just a smartphone and a laptop — the average ones, at that. 

Well, this is how most content creators start. No fancy equipment, no designated office space, or team to delegate the menial tasks to; the initial efforts unpaid, and the future in social media ventures uncertain. It’s tough to stand out among thousands of others online, especially when almost everybody owns a phone with a good camera. Some can even afford something better.

However — there’s no amount of money you can invest and succeed if you’re not able to come up with spectacular content ideas. This is what viral content creators know best!

Their success comes from bold, creative and fresh concepts; content creators value them over expensive stuff. Combined with good presentation and a sense of humor (or at least the charisma), creators’ efforts can help you overcome a tight budget.

Content Creators Understand The Social Media Analytics

Viral creators are highly familiar with the platforms they post on and what kind of content ranks the best.

If they post on, let’s say, Instagram — they’ll have the necessary Instagram analytics knowledge, and know how to boost the engagement rate; the same goes for other social media channels, even LinkedIn: LinkedIn reach and impressions can be harnessed to improve the brand image. 

To know how social media works, content creators need to be educated and well-versed in social media analytics. This data is measurable and allows you to know what brings high ROI. If they know how to use some social media tools — even better!

Content creators who regularly go viral on social media have a comprehensive, first-hand knowledge of the platform they choose to express their ideas. This precious experience is something that cannot be taught in college nor via an online course.

When you combine their experience with technical expertise acquired through independent work, you get a perfect person to take care of your brand’s social media presence! 

Stefan Smulders is a SaaS Entrepreneur | Founder of the World’s safest software for LinkedIn Automation – Expandi.io | for more than 5 years Founder of LeadExpress.nl.

Special thanks to our friends at Pixlee for their insights on this topic.
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