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Beyond Products: Building A Family | Why DMoose is The Top Choice of Wellness Seekers

It has been three years of my journey with DMoose, a company that is more than just selling fitness equipment and earning money. They treat us (the customers) like family. 

I want to introduce myself. I am a seasoned journalist and a philanthropist, and I recently changed my habits to live a more balanced lifestyle. 

In search of a healthy lifestyle, I had to do a lot because everyone told me so many things, and I needed clarification about where to start. 

However, one of my friends, who is a mind-body balancer, suggested that I should initiate workouts.

So, I started scrolling for affordable and beginner-friendly gym equipment. 

There I came to reach the DMoose.

I am unsure if I liked the graphics or affordable rates; however, something that got my attention: “The brand is offering a 30-day money-back guarantee on everything and a lifetime warranty on specific products.” 

Well, as a first-time buyer, I was conscious of my money and didn’t want to fall into the pit of any wrong product and waste my hard-earned money. 

I decided to buy it.  

Introduction: More Than Just a Brand

The thing I like is their prompt response, faster delivery, and never-ending guides and tips, which they would keep sending me, including how to use the gear I purchased, the best exercise specific to my goal, recipes, Ebooks, and much more. 

And that is not all; I also received thank you emails from their owner, (Mussayab Ehtesham) telling me about his brand journey and how much my purchase means to them, in short, making me feel like an important person for DMoose.    

Discovering a Wealth of Resources:

From the continuous updates from the brand and owner, I also met the down-to-earth personality Mussayab Ehtesham. 

Being a hobbyist journalist, I decided to ask how DMoose is working on all levels in such a fantastic way:

Me: Why did you start DMoose?

Mussyab: Well, being a wellness seeker, I have followed many fitness brands since I was only 15. 

One thing I noticed with all the brands is the moment you make a purchase, you are no longer necessary to them, and all you receive is some commercial emails about their latest collections. 

When you are attached to a health and fitness brand or company, your goal should not be earning money; in fact, you should be changing the lives of the people. 

And that is why I initiated DMoose, where wellness matters more than money. 

Me: If money is not the matter, what if someone wants to earn money through a business or fitness?

Mussayab: No, that is not what I meant. I said the “only goal” should not be earning money but the positive change to bring into people’s lives. 

As far as earning is concerned, DMoose is generating an 8-figure annual revenue, and it is just some years since I started this brand. 

Me: What is the mantra of your success or advice you would give to others looking to be successful entrepreneurs? 

Mussayab: The actual earning for a brand is its recurring customers; your connection with your customers and their satisfaction makes you the best brand in the world.  

And this is not just about Fitness Brands; any successful entrepreneurship should revolve around this formula. 

It seems simple, but satisfying your customers is more complex, TBH. 

The Role of DMoose in Fitness Transformation: DMoose Success Mantra 

Mussyab also told me how he makes his customers from just a buyer to important and satisfied members of the DMoose family.

Delivery & Money Back Guarantee:

1. High-quality products:

The products I select are of the highest quality with no complaints registered. Not only this, fitness enthusiasts and communities can also sign up for a free trial of the products, where they pay shipping charges and get the product for free. 

2. Money Back Guarantee:

Secondly, I give a money-back guarantee without questions if the product doesn’t serve customer satisfaction.

3. Problem-Solving Customer Care Service:  

The delivery is prompt, and the customer service center is always active in answering queries.

The customer service at DMoose is not just prompt to respond, but the main goal is to solve the customer's problem in any possible way. 

What is the use of a fast reply if you solve the customer's problem? He added. 

Beyond Products: Building a Community

The journey of a customer does not end with the purchase; in fact, the actual journey of DMoose customers starts from here. 

1. Assembling Equipment, how to use  guides:

We send them products along with guides on assembly without any issues. These are video guides while our CC department remains ready to answer relevant queries. 

2. Ebooks, Fitness Guides, Workout routine tips: 

At DMoose, we have different categories for different buyers as per their goals and training styles, such as Muscle Building, Weight Loss, Strongman, and Abs Achievers

For each group, we have different workout guides, fitness regime tips, food guides, and much more. We keep sending these through emails for free to the respective subscribers of each bucket to help them achieve their fitness goals faster.  

3. DMoose Blogs

Fitness guides, exercises, workout regimes, and valuable information are available on the DMoose blog. 

I am running this blog to educate fitness seekers and help them live healthy lives, said Mussyab. 

The Power of Genuine Connection

In a world where businesses prioritize profits over people, DMoose stands out as a beacon of genuine connection. Have you ever wondered why some brands resonate with us more than others? It's not just about the product quality or the price point. It's about the story, the connection, and the feeling of being valued. Just like a novel that captivates us with its intricate plot and relatable characters, DMoose has woven a narrative that makes every customer feel like the protagonist of their fitness journey.

The Ripple Effect of Trust

Imagine throwing a stone into a calm pond. The ripples it creates spread out, touching every corner of the water. This is the effect trust has in the business world. When a company like DMoose establishes trust with its customers, it creates a ripple effect. Those customers share their positive experiences with friends, family, and colleagues. And just like that, a single act of trust can influence an entire community. Isn't it fascinating how one genuine gesture can lead to such widespread impact?

A Symphony of Support

Think of a symphony orchestra. Each instrument plays a crucial role in creating a harmonious melody. Similarly, DMoose's approach to customer service is like a well-coordinated symphony. Every department, from product development to customer care, works in harmony to ensure that the customer's experience is nothing short of exceptional. It's not just about selling a product; it's about orchestrating a memorable experience. And isn't that what we all seek in our interactions with brands?

The Art of Listening

Have you ever had a conversation where you felt honestly heard? It's a rare and beautiful feeling. DMoose has mastered the art of listening. By paying attention to the needs and feedback of their customers, they've been able to tailor their offerings and services to provide maximum value. It's like a sculptor chiseling away at a block of marble, revealing the masterpiece within. By listening to its community, DMoose is continuously refining and perfecting its brand.

The Journey Continues

Every story has chapters, and while my journey with DMoose has been transformative, I know it's just one chapter in a much larger narrative. As I continue on my path to wellness and balance, I'm grateful to have DMoose by my side, guiding and supporting me every step. And as with any great story, I'm eager to see what the next chapter holds.


My experience with DMoose has been nothing short of transformative. As a seasoned journalist and a recent fitness enthusiast, I've realized that DMoose is not just a brand selling fitness equipment. They are storytellers, weaving narratives of trust, connection, and genuine care. Their commitment to customer satisfaction, from high-quality products to unparalleled customer service, sets them apart in the crowded marketplace. It's a journey of genuine connection, and I'm grateful to be a part of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes DMoose different from other fitness brands?
DMoose prioritizes customer connection and satisfaction, offering high-quality products, prompt customer service, and a wealth of resources to support their customers' fitness journeys.

How does DMoose ensure the quality of its products?
DMoose offers high-quality products with no registered complaints. They also provide a money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers.

What additional resources does DMoose offer to customers?
Beyond the products, DMoose offers assembly video guides, eBooks, fitness guides, workout routine tips, and a comprehensive blog filled with valuable information.

Who is Mussayab Ehtesham?
Mussayab Ehtesham, who owns DMoose, is passionate about changing lives through fitness and ensuring customer satisfaction.

How does DMoose support customers post-purchase?
DMoose continues to engage with customers by sending guides, tips, recipes, and more. They also have a dedicated customer care department to address any queries.

What is DMoose's philosophy on business?
DMoose believes in changing lives over merely earning money. Their primary goal is customer satisfaction and building genuine connections.

How does DMoose handle customer complaints?
DMoose has a proactive customer service department aims to solve customer problems promptly and effectively.

Are there any trial offers available for DMoose products?
Yes, fitness enthusiasts can sign up for a free trial of certain products, paying only the shipping charges.

What categories of fitness goals does DMoose cater to?
DMoose caters to various fitness goals, including Muscle Building, Weight Loss, Strongman, and Abs Achievers.

How has DMoose impacted the fitness community?
Through its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, DMoose has built a loyal community of fitness enthusiasts who value the brand's genuine approach.

How does the 30-day money-back guarantee work at DMoose?
DMoose offers a hassle-free 30-day money-back guarantee. If customers are unsatisfied with their purchase, they can return the product within 30 days for a full refund.

What kind of warranty does DMoose offer on its products?
DMoose provides a lifetime warranty on specific products, ensuring durability and long-term customer satisfaction.

How does DMoose ensure the affordability of its products?
DMoose believes in offering value to its customers. By streamlining their production process and focusing on quality, they can provide top-notch products at affordable rates.

Does DMoose organize any community events or workshops?
Yes, DMoose often organizes community events, workshops, and webinars to educate and engage with their customers on various fitness topics.

How can I join the DMoose community and stay updated with their resources?
You can join the DMoose community by subscribing to their newsletter, following them on social media, and regularly checking their official website for updates and resources.

What safety measures does DMoose implement for its products?
DMoose prioritizes customer safety. All products undergo rigorous testing and quality checks to meet safety standards.

How environmentally friendly is DMoose's production process?
DMoose is committed to sustainable practices. They focus on eco-friendly production methods and materials to minimize their environmental footprint.

Can I collaborate or partner with DMoose for business opportunities?
Yes, DMoose is open to collaborations and partnerships. Interested parties can contact their business development team for more details.

How often does DMoose release new products or updates?
DMoose continuously innovates and updates its product line. They release new products and updates based on market trends and customer feedback.

Where can I find honest customer reviews and testimonials about DMoose products?
Customer reviews and testimonials can be found on the DMoose official website, as well as on various online retail platforms where DMoose products are sold.

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