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Why It’s Important To Have A Mobile-First Loyalty Program


The global pandemic did more than just change the way we shop — it changed the way we think about shopping altogether.

A shift to primarily online shopping reminded consumers of the wealth of options available at their fingertips. Browsing online, they’re presented with a multitude of brands selling the products they’re looking for, and once they make a choice, it’s up to the brand to deliver a superior customer experience to hook them (or risk losing them to a competitor). 

Better customer experiences are the engine that drives a successful retention strategy. With goals of retention top-of-mind, eCommerce brands generate the loyalty that leads to increased revenue and higher lifetime value from every customer. 

But what does an amazing customer experience look like?

For enterprise brands, a loyalty program is the ideal experience a customer is looking for — it’s a key strategy for earning customer loyalty that lasts. And, to be most effective, a loyalty prog …

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