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Why Multi-Brand Loyalty Programs Are On The Rise


We’ve entered the era of the empowered consumer, and with loyalty programs, that means interconnected experiences are more important than ever. Shoppers want to earn, redeem, and refer with ease; they want every touchpoint to feel frictionless.

For some enterprise businesses, this means closing the gap between customers’ favorite brands and adopting a multi-brand loyalty strategy. According to FIS, 81% of consumers around the world stated that it would be helpful to have the ability to earn and redeem points at multiple types of retailers. Businesses using a multi-brand loyalty strategy can deliver the experiences customers expect while also increasing their share of wallet.
What is a multi-brand loyalty program?
Brands under the umbrella of a shared parent company create an end-to-end loyalty experience while centering customer convenience.
What does multi-brand loyalty offer loyalty members?
Shoppers can earn and redeem points from any company in the ecosystem. No matter ho …

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