Why One-Page Checkout Is A Must For WooCommerce Brands


“One-page checkout” is more than another ecommerce catchphrase. It can significantly reduce the likelihood of cart abandonment for online retailers. Almost 70% of online customers will abandon their basket of items after browsing.

We have a solution for high-volume retailers on WooCommerce looking to optimize their transaction experience. Bold Checkout for WooCommerce lets you quickly create and customize a streamlined single-page checkout that converts more carts into sales. Want to test it out?

Today we are going to look closer at what a one-page checkout is exactly and why having one so important.

One page to rule them all

A one-page checkout combines a standard checkout's functionality into a single, easy-to-navigate page. This includes payment details, billing and shipping information, cart contents, and shipping or pickup information. The result is a smoother, faster checkout process with fewer clicks, steps, and chances for cart abandonment.

Let’s take a look an example:

blog2aImage via: All Blacks Shop

Adidas All Black’s site (New Zealand's national rugby team) makes a strong case for the benefits of one-page checkout.

Rather than being redirected to a third-party checkout page, or having to navigate between multiple pages or steps, everything the customer is required to fill out lives on a single page.

Not only does this make for a faster and more convenient checkout, but they are able to carry their brand experience right through the checkout phase, reducing cart abandonment and increasing customer loyalty by providing a better shopping experience.

Let’s look at some of the reasons for cart abandonment in the transaction experience.

Cart abandonment can happen during checkout

There are many reasons why somebody might leave a website with an incomplete purchase, including hidden or extra fees, lack of trust in the security measures, orforced account registration.

Another deterrent is due to a long or complicated checkout process. It’s one of the consistent reasons for cart abandonment in studies done by Statista, SaleCycle, and Barilliance.

28% of consumers reported abandoning their cart due to a long or confusing checkout process. In other words, failure in the checkout design or process was the third-highest reason for cart abandonment (spoiler: multi-page checkouts create more opportunity for confusion).

blog2dImage via: Baymard 

It doesn’t stop there though.Smartphone shoppers are more likely to abandon their cart

Mobile commerce has been on the rise for a long time, with revenue increasing approximately 1.5x each year for the past 7 years. Despite that, statistics show that mobile users are 70% less likely to spend than desktop users. As you can see there is huge earning potential in mobile commerce.

blog2cImage via: Business Insider

So how does this tie into the checkout discussion?

Optimizing the mobile shopping experience is an extremely important step in keeping customers on a site. 88% of mobile shoppers report having a negative experience on a mobile website due to difficult navigation and an annoying checkout process.

At that point, customers tend to get frustrated and leave.

When surveys show that 21% of people have abandoned a cart while on their phone due to the checkout process being too long, it’s clear this is an important area to optimize.

blog2bImage via: Comviva

Using Bold's one-page checkout for WooCommerce is a game changer

Bold Checkout is the ideal scalable checkout solution for high-volume Wordpress brands using WooCommerce looking to improve the transaction experience and increase conversions. We provide an out-of-the-box one-page checkout for WooCommerce that still offers customization, including the look, flow, and integrations. Here’s just a few reasons why moving to a one-page checkout is a must-have:

  • It’s faster: one-page checkout can shave off almost a minute from the checkout process compared to multi-page checkout, which translates into less time for people to change their mind and leave their incomplete purchase behind.
  • It’s more user- and mobile-friendly: for less chance of cart abandonment due to frustration with poor user experience.
  • It offers increased performance: by streamlining the number of additional plugins needed, using API technology for faster integrations and speed to market, and solving for numerous unique business challenges facing retailers.

Optimize checkout quickly with Bold Checkout, which integrates seamlessly into  Wordpress admin and centralizing order management.

Ready to start optimizing?

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Want to learn more first?

Our ebook: Build the ultimate checkout experience on WooCommerce is filled with even more examples and use cases leading brands are using to optimize their transaction experience.

Click here to download a free copy.

Special thanks to our friends at Bold Commerce for their insights on this topic.

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