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Why Should Your Shopify Business Have An Age Verification System

Why should an ecommerce business have an age verification system in place for marketing purposes?

A business can reap many benefits by employing an online age verification system. Online Identity Verification System enhances efficiency, lowers the risks of refunds and fraud, helps your business obey laws, and keeps teens away from 18+ products or content.

Over time, this globe is becoming automated. Every business is moving online. Customers also feel at ease when they can purchase from any store at the pace of their home. Every purchase is at the tip of their fingers.

This also challenges businesses as it becomes difficult to know who is buying behind the screen. Without an online age verification system, often, kids buy what they shouldn’t be buying, and later, your business ends up with a refund. In extreme cases, you may have to face legal action as well.

Why Should You Prefer Online Age Verification?

Taking preventive measures is better than trying to fix an issue; the same goes for an age verification system. Let’s presume you sell a product on your online store. This product is not for kids or teens, so it should only be sold to adults.

Your business has a physical age verification system and verifies customers while delivering the product to their doorstep. Now, if a kid or a teen uses his parents’ device and purchases the product, it would be an ultimate return on delivery day.

How does it feel? I know it sucks. That’s why your business needs to have an online age verification system instead of an offline one. An online age verification system or an online identity verification system is an identity verification software.

When someone tries to make any age-restricted sale, the identity verification software helps you know who the buyer is. If he is underage, the purchase doesn’t occur as the system doesn’t allow it. Otherwise, there goes a smooth purchase without any concern of refund in case the product quality is good.

Hence, it’s a must for an online business to prefer an online age verification as it avoids any mishap of return and improves your services. This includes customizing content and prioritizing user safety features appropriate for each customer’s age group. As such, it provides a better experience for customers and encourages them to shop more frequently from the website.

6 Reasons an Online Age Verification Is Crucial for Your Business

1. Helps Your Business Abide by Law

Every country has some laws for its citizens. Businesses are also required to obey specific laws. There are even specified laws for online companies as they need to be more careful than physical ones.

Certain products, as per the criteria of your country’s law, are age-restricted. Selling these age-restricted products to teens is banned and strictly against the law.

An identity verification system helps your business by scanning the user behind the screen, so you don’t get scammed by the clever teens of this century and help you abide by the law.

2. Online Age Verification Ensures Child Security

It’s more than ever a need for time to secure our children. A responsible business considers child security even before its profit and sales. Age-restricted products should never be sold to kids.

Numerous age verification software available in the market helps you secure the child. Without an online age verification system, teens can buy alcohol and tobacco online. It also goes the same for explicit content.

3. Age Verification System Avoids Fraudulent Activities

When a kid tries to buy something using one of the parent’s devices without supervision, it doesn’t mean they will never know. Later, when a parent finds out about the illegal purchase, they might want to charge a refund.

The age verification system is one of the latest security measures implemented by online platforms to avoid fraudulent activities. It requires users to enter their date of birth and other personal details to log in or make purchases.

This system helps reduce identity theft and fraud and keeps fake people from participating in community discussions or making any financial transactions.

Now, this kind of situation is acceptable on the business side. Yet, a business will end up with a refund or, in severe cases, a legal action filed by a parent. To avoid such circumstances, why not utilize identity age verification services?

4. Identity Verification System Reduces Refunds

Without an online age verification in action, a large number of purchases done illegally end up in a refund. A business loses a great fortune in packaging, delivery, and unpacking.

To avoid such a bad situation and numerous refunds, availing of identity verification services is a good option. It makes it easier for a business to ensure that every product is sold to its legal buyer.

5. Reduces the Cost of Running an Online Business

Running an online business reduces the cost of a physical shop and gets you a cut of the workforce by helping you achieve business automation. It has become an efficient business ever.

But without online age verification, adding a lot of returns into cost, it becomes difficult for a business to manage. The company itself pays for all those packages and deliveries. Hence, having an online age verification system is a must-have to reduce the cost of running an online business.

6. Helps You Improve Your Customer Service

While your system identifies the exact age of your customer, it becomes easier for you to know what they want. You can show them the products according to their age and gender.

So along with all the other reasons, improving your customer service is crucial as a business lies on it. It gives you a competitive advantage over the rivals in your field.


An eCommerce business should have an age verification system to ensure that minors are not accessing age-restricted items. An effective age verification system will also provide a more secure shopping experience for customers of all ages by verifying the identity of users and ensuring any personal data is securely stored.

Furthermore, an age verification system can help businesses meet legal requirements, protect their reputation, and avoid potential fines or other penalties from regulatory bodies.

Moreover, implementing an age verification system can help your business adhere to regulations, protect minors, and demonstrate transparency with customers regarding their data.

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