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Why SMS & Loyalty Should Drive Your Retention Strategy


According to Forrester, spend on loyalty and retention marketing in 2021 will increase by 30% — meaning every brand everywhere is competing for consumer attention, and once they have it, they’re hyper-focused on maintaining it. But, with so many brands distracting consumers every day, how can your brand be sure you’re building a retention strategy that’s able to keep their attention? 

The strategy is simple: Spark a relationship by building experiences that create an emotional connection. And, to create those experiences effectively, brands need to get hyper-personalized via the two most effective components of a successful retention strategy: loyalty and SMS.

With the combined power of both channels, your brand can deliver the right offer to the right customer at the right time. A loyalty program captures your most loyal customers, and SMS builds those connections to drive continued engagement.  

According to our recent consumer survey, almost half (49%) of consume …

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