Why You Should Double Down On Product Reviews In A Downturn


Reviews are more valued by consumers than other marketing investments

Most popular shopping considerations for consumers

Ratings and Reviews are second only to price

Familiarity with Products or Brands

Family/Friends Recommendations

Values of the Manufacturing Brand

Brands/Influencers on Social Media

Price is – unsurprisingly – the primary shopper consideration during a downturn. Reviews provide justification for high price ticket items and drive product discovery for price-sensitive shoppers open to trying something new.

Reviews pull more shoppers into your funnel…

Impact of Average Star Rating on Page Traffic

…and then convert them at a higher rate when they get there.

0 %

Conversion Lift for Product Pages with 1+ Reviews

0 %

Conversion Lift for Shoppers who Interact with Reviews

It’s not even just digital shopping journeys where reviews have impact

Factors Consumers Consider When Researching In-Store Purchases Online

Product information (dimensions/sizing, material, etc)

Pictures and videos from previous purchasers

Professional pictures and videos from the brand

But… not just any review program will do.

The Importance of Recency & Volume

Consumers want quality review content, delivered frequently and in high volumes.

More reviews = more web traffic

No reviews? Big problem. Product Detail Pages (PDPs) with zero reviews account for 60% of all PDPs on the internet but only attract 12% of web traffic.

More reviews = more conversions

Conversion Lift Relative to Number of Reviews Displayed

101-250 Reviews Displayed

251-500 Reviews Displayed

501-1000 Reviews Displayed

1001-5000 Reviews Displayed

Stale reviews are a big shopper turn off

How important is the recency with which reviews are written to you when considering buying a product?

Customers want reviews with detail

The Vast Majority of Consumers Go Beyond the Basics and Read the Actual Review Content

Special thanks to our friends at PowerReviews for their insights on this topic.
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