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Why Your E-Commerce Business Needs A Steel Door

Operating a business comes with many responsibilities, one of the most important being to secure your stock or inventory.

Investing in high-security measures like commercial steel doors should be a top priority for any e-commerce business owner. Steel doors provide unparalleled protection and durability, whether in a small lock-up or a large warehouse.

There are many reasons why steel doors are the best choice for commercial and industrial businesses. The thick, heavy-duty steel is designed to withstand attempts at forced entry, protecting what's inside your property. Steel doors can be crafted with various security features to meet your needs, from tamper-proof hinges to pick-resistant locks. This makes them far more secure than residential doors.

High Levels of Physical Security

If you run an e-commerce business, you’ll know how important security is to protect against online cyber attacks, fraud, and theft. A strong, durable steel door can provide higher physical security in multiple ways.

Withstand Forced Entry

The robust metal construction allows a steel security door to withstand determined burglars attempting to break in by force. Solid steel doors do not crack or warp under pressure, preventing crowbars, hammers, or even vehicles from gaining entry. This protects employees, inventory, and sensitive business information from theft and tampering.

Delay Access from Intruders

Even if an intruder tries aggressively, a certified high-security steel door takes much longer to penetrate or bypass than a regular wooden or hollow metal door. This delay buys time for security systems to sound alarms and help to arrive, chasing away criminals.

Deter Criminals from Attempting Entry

From the outside, heavy-duty steel doors openly showcase sturdiness with features like thickness, external hinges, and steel mesh. This visually communicates high resistance against forced entry to potential burglars and vandals on reconnaissance missions. Seeing robust steel doors deters them from targeting your premises in the first place.

Fire and Element Resistance

Steel doors and security provide exceptional fire resistance and protection from external elements.

Prevent the Spread of Fires

Solid steel doors are noncombustible and contain fires much more effectively than common wood and hollow metal doors. Multi-point locks and door closers also prevent the uncontrolled spread of fires into other areas. This saves inventory and equipment from fire damage.

Withstand the Impact from Floods or Storms

When external disasters strike, such as floods, hurricanes, or tornadoes, the durable steel build of a high-security steel door prevents structural failures or warping. This maintains a secure barrier protecting your e-commerce business functions and property when you need it most.

Resist Corrosion from Weather or Sea Air

Having exterior doors of galvanized or stainless steel prevents deterioration from rain, sun, or salty sea air over decades. This maintains optimal security and avoids frequent door replacements.

Customization for Specific Needs

Beyond robust construction, steel doors offer custom upgrades to meet specialized security requirements.


For heightened protection in high-risk locations, bullet-resistant steel doors up to UL 752 Level 8 certification defend against multiple rounds of ammunition. This could halt an active shooter attempting to enter your premises.

Explosion Resistance

Blast-resistant heavy-duty steel doors help shield people and valuables stored inside against explosive devices set off maliciously outside your property.

Panic Bar Hardware

Panic bars allow for emergency exiting while remaining locked against outside entry. Applicable in case of fires or workplace violence.

Convenience and Compliance

While being ultra-secure, a well-designed steel door also enables smooth daily function. A steel door may be ideal for securing your retail store or warehouse inventory. https://ecommercefastlane.com/essential-ways-to-secure-your-retail-store-2/

Allow Authorized Access

Electronic access control doors permit easy entry for employees through badges and codes while tracking activity—no need for cumbersome physical keys. When managing inventory in a warehouse, you must be confident that only authorized employees have access. 

Support Accessibility Standards

Handicapped-accessible steel doors with automatic openers comply with disability laws. Keypads and card readers avoid issues for those needing more fine motor skills.

Integration with Other Systems

Interoperate with existing business systems like alarms, sensors, and video cameras for centralized monitoring and control.

Long Term Value

Steel doors have higher upfront costs than basic wooden or hollow metal doors, but exceptional durability and security have paid dividends over decades of use.

Decades of Unbreachable Security

With proper maintenance, a high-security steel door retains maximal integrity against unauthorized entry for 20-30 years or more without needing replacement. This avoids repeated installation costs over time.

Property Value Increase

Upgraded steel doors raise perceived security and value for retail spaces, warehouses, and office buildings. This translates into higher rents and facility resale prices. 

Insurance Savings

Insurers reward installations of certified heavy-duty steel doors and other physical protections with premium discounts, quickly recouping initial investments.

Choose Steel Doors for your Industrial or Commerical Business

Securing entry points with high-grade steel doors delivers unmatched protection and value for your business. Deterring crime keeps people safe and inventory accounted for, while resilience against fire and weather prevents more significant losses. Customize to your specific needs. The long-lasting durability of a quality steel security door generates value for decades to come, making the investment in robust protection well worth it. Contact security professionals for recommendations and sourcing of certified options to find the best steel door for your premises.

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