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Why You’re Missing Out On Freelancing And How to Start

A freelance woman, starting her day at a table with a laptop and a cup of coffee, not missing out on any opportunities.

If you know someone working in freelancing, you probably hear them talk about how great it is and how much they love it.

Whether you are trying to earn extra money on top of your 9-5 job or looking to make a career out of freelancing with Moxie, freelancing opens up a whole new world of options for sustainable income. You are missing out if you haven’t tried to get into freelancing. 

This guide will cover all the top benefits of freelancing and how to start. 

Missing Out the Benefits of Freelancing 

Many people do not take the first steps to become freelancers because they are unaware of the fantastic benefits of these jobs. 

Here are the best reasons to take advantage of freelancing. 


As a freelancer, you can set your schedule and determine how long you want to work and when you want to work. You can work from home, your favorite coffee shop, or even your bed. 

Better Income 

If you have been stuck in the same job with no increase in pay, consider becoming a freelancer because it gives you the chance to make more money. You can negotiate your salary and ensure you are making the best money possible. 

More Independence

When you work for yourself, you have more independence than ever before. You have greater control over how much you work and the projects you work on. You also get to decide how many people you work for at once. 

How to Start Freelancing 

One of the most asked questions from people is how they can start freelancing. While getting into the freelancing world might seem hard, it can be easier than people think when you have the right tips. 

Here are some of the most straightforward steps you can follow to make it easier for you to begin freelancing. 

Why Do You Want to Be a Freelancer? 

Before applying for jobs, you need to set your goals as a freelancer. Could you ask yourself why you want to be a freelancer and what you hope to get from freelancing? 

Having the reasons why you want to be a freelancer will give you the motivation you need to start working and continue even when times are hard. 

Make Deadlines 

One of the best and most challenging things about being a freelancer is that you have your schedules and your deadlines. Since you are working without supervision and making your deadlines, you need to ensure you are doing the best you can to stick to your milestones and the deadlines that people give you for them. 

Some gigs you land will give you deadlines, and you must set your schedule to reach these deadlines. Other gigs are more flexible and will not give you a hard deadline when you need to submit the work. 

In this case, you need to create your deadlines and a workflow schedule that helps you meet these deadlines. 

Create a Niche 

The best way to become a new freelancer is to provide people with the skills you have learned from previous jobs. It’s also a quick way for you to begin working without needing to do any additional training. 

If you have worked many jobs before, you will have a wide range of skills you can offer people. 

Could you make a list of all the skills you have and then consider all the different ways you can offer them to people as a freelancer? 

This is also known as creating your niche. A niche can be anything from email marketing to social media management to SEO consulting. It all depends on what you are good at and what skills you want to offer people. 

Get the Things You Need to Get Started 

Most freelancers need a computer, WIFI, and a VPN to track rankings. You must ensure you have a strong internet connection and an excellent computer so you never miss deadlines or have issues reaching people. 

You can also make your website. If you are not ready to create your website, you can create a profile on a freelancer website. 

Make Your Portfolio and Resume 

Your portfolio on the freelancing website needs to be your resume, where you show people the skills you have and the past experiences that helped you create those skills. 

Your portfolio also includes samples of your best work, whether they are things you have written or websites you have designed in the past. 

If you do not have sample pieces or an extensive portfolio, you should build it up before finding your first clients. One of the best ways to build your portfolio is to take on some jobs at a discounted or free rate. 

You can also offer free work for new companies or nonprofits as they often need help but might need more money and resources. 

Find Work 

Once you have a portfolio, you will find it easier to find work. You can join several different freelance websites and start applying for jobs. Most jobs are remote, and you can work on them from anywhere, making it easier to find employment regardless of location. 

As a new freelancer, start by applying for jobs requiring limited or no experience. These jobs pay less but are an excellent way to build your resume. 

Final Thoughts 

Being a freelancer can be one of the best things you will ever do for yourself because you get to make more income, all on a flexible schedule. 

You can also quickly begin freelancing by creating your goals and ensuring you have deadlines in mind. You also need to ensure you are building your portfolio so that people can see your skills and hard work. 

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