Work With Influencers To Promote Your Products Via Recommendations

Want your hard-earned reviews to reach more potential customers? Check out Recommendations page. This is where influencers can share their genuine product opinions and your affiliate links with their large base of followers. With user-friendly design focusing on reviews, Recommendations page is a dedicated channel for you to promote your products and help customers make buying decisions with ease and confidence. 

How Recommendations Page is Special

With Recommendations page, you can:

1- Promote your products on a dedicated page that focuses on reviews Recommendations page focuses solely on reviews while also providing a snapshot of your products. Today’s customers rely a lot on reviews when considering a product, so we bring reviews to the forefront of the buying journey. With such a dedicated page, your potential customers won’t be distracted by too much information, and have everything they need to make better buying decisions.

Example of a product recommendation on an influencer public profile

2- Have influencers endorse your products

Influencers are going to play a vital role in promoting your products by creating recommendations on Most influencers have a good base of followers, and are experts in a particular area such as beauty, nutrition or sports; so content shared by them can help you reach more targeted customers. Influencers also know which content works best, they know how to make the content inspiring and meaningful to their followers. With high-quality content, potential customers are more likely to purchase your products. Last but not least, influencers are also your customers, so they can be objective about your products and can produce genuine, authentic opinions.

3- Showcase organic, unbiased and genuine user-generated content

Influencers can create recommendations from existing reviews they submitted via your store’s Review Widget, or synchronize content from their social media and website. Whether they have a review photo on Instagram or a makeup tutorial on Youtube, they can display everything on Recommendations page, together with the affiliate links to purchase your products. This makes the Recommendations page a central hub of user-generated content (UGC), which, nowadays, has more impact on customers than brand content thanks to its trustworthiness and authenticity. As UGC comes from real people with genuine stories, customers can easily relate to their needs or problems, and make better buying decisions. 

Besides, when your product is endorsed on an influencer’s page together with products from other shops, it looks more organic and objective. Customers will perceive that your product is there because of its quality, not because you are buying advertising space. 

Influencers can create product recommendations from existing reviews…

…or Youtube videos and Instagram photos.

Besides showcasing your social proof, Recommendations page also helps you attract more sales. If you have an affiliate or reward program, you can ask influencers to add your affiliate links or coupon codes to their recommendations on After reading the product recommendations, potential customers can click on the call-to-actions (CTA) button to go to your store and make a purchase immediately. Such shoppable UGC is increasingly used by brands as a way to simplify and smoothen the buying journey, ensuring that customers are only one or two clicks away from getting their desired products. 

5- Prove your product quality by linking to more reviews

If influencers create a recommendation from a review submitted via, visitors can see the total number of customers who reviewed your product. They can also click on a link to go to the Review Widget on your store to see the other reviews. With more social proof to back up your product quality, you have more chances to close the sales.

Call-to-Actions in a recommendation

So, what are the next steps?

If you have loyal customers or are working with some influencers to promote your products, you can let them know about the recommendations page. It’s completely free! They can have full control over what is being displayed, and earn commission from based on the sales made via the affiliate links on their page.

Want us to connect you with some influencers? Contact us at [email protected] and let us know what you are looking for. 

Curious about our Recommendations page? Also drop us an email and we can walk you through a live demo.

Special thanks to our friends at for their insights on this topic.
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