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Write Your Own Data Story With ShopifyQL Notebooks


As part of Shopify Editions earlier this year, you got a sneak peak into ShopifyQL Notebooks, a powerful tool for data exploration and analysis. We’re now bringing ShopifyQL Notebooks closer to your admin, so you can experience the power of data storytelling for your business.

Data-informed decisions are critical to your store’s success, helping you better understand your audience, optimize your operations, and keep ahead of competitors.

That’s why we created ShopifyQL Notebooks: a curated space for you to access your store data, generate meaningful insights, and create rich data stories that help you make better decisions. ShopifyQL Notebooks allows you to perform multiple queries to explore business metrics across domains like orders, products, inventory, and more, to identify business opportunities and build your own path to success. And all this without investing in expensive business intelligence software or hiring a crew of data scientists.

ShopifyQL Notebooks comes pre-loaded with ShopifyQL, a powerful query language built for commerce. This means you now have access to clean data, ready for analytical purposes and available through a commerce-friendly data query language. ShopifyQL simplifies commerce data exploration for non-technical users by:

  • Creating visualizations directly from the query without the need to modify data
  • Referring to known commerce terms like “compare to” and “during” while querying data
  • Accessing data specifically modeled for commerce exploration, without having to connect different data sources

App Install Page _ Top Converting.png

Let’s take a closer look

FROM orders

VISUALIZE SUM(net_sales) AS daily_net_sales


DURING last_month

Create powerful visualizations for your store data by writing simple human-readable queries. The following simple tools help you get started quickly.

Ready-to-use templates

ShopifyQL Notebooks makes query writing easier with pre-built query templates. You can add them directly to your notebook and customize with a single click. New templates are added with each new dataset, so you’ll always know how to take advantage of the data that’s available.

pasted image 0.png

Assisted query writing

Write queries faster with automatic suggestions complete with definitions as you type.

pasted image 0.png

Clean datasets

We understand that each business is different and has unique data needs. That’s why our datasets are pre-computed, updated daily, and available at the level you need for your analysis. Calculate each line item of an order separately or together, depending on how you see your business. For example, you can view the overall conversion funnel for a product, then focus on the stage of the funnel most important for your business.

Data storytelling, made more powerful

ShopifyQL Notebooks lets you connect data from across business domains to showcase a comprehensive view of a business situation. Looking to analyze business impact from a recent promotion campaign? Combine orders, sales, product conversion, and other data in a single interface, add content with text, images, and links, then use presentation mode to present your analysis to stakeholders.

You can use SQL notebooks to simplify the production of data stories you tell on a regular basis, including weekly status updates, monthly business reviews, the progress of a recent campaign, and investigation into anomalies. With ShopifyQL Notebooks, you can define the template for each report and allow stakeholders to change simple variables like date ranges. With both tabular and graphical data a single keyword away, you won’t need to export your data to make a rich presentation.

Start exploring

ShopifyQL Notebooks is available to all Shopify Plus merchants, today, at no extra cost. Download it in the Shopify App Store today and start exploring and answering questions about sales channels, product conversion, stock levels on inventory, and more.


This originally appeared on Shopify Plus and is made available here to cast a wider net of discovery.
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