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Yotpo Joins Shopify Online Store 2.0: Leading In A No-Code World


Shopify recently introduced Online Store 2.0, a new and improved eCommerce platform experience that makes it easier for eCommerce brands to integrate apps into their storefront. As an extension of our multi-year partnership with Shopify, we are excited to announce that Yotpo is the first eCommerce marketing platform to be Online Store 2.0 compatible.

Shopify’s move to Online Store 2.0 represents a shift toward making the platform more marketer-friendly. Users will now have the ability to install compatible apps, adjust app settings, and visualize changes right from the theme editor, without the need to write or implement any code. This gives businesses the tools they need to implement powerful third-party integrations into their stores without having to rely on development resources.

As a leading provider in no-code solutions and champion of small businesses, we are thrilled to be Shopify’s partner for this endeavor. With Online Store 2.0, Yotpo is able to better support emer …

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Special thanks to our friends at Yotpo for their insights on this topic.
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